Is anyone that is really aware of the "knowledge" of ALL levels of the occupying force (from the guy selling hamburgers in the base up to the "expert advisors" of "the President"), really surprised that Quran's have been burned triggering the backlash even a child would have expected?

Is anyone that is truly aware of the level "professionalism" of the allied army really surprised of the thousands of "collateral damage" of these years?

Is anyone that is really aware of the the true motives of the Afghan war (from well before the 9/11 pretext) really surprised that the "hearts and minds" have not been won yet?

Is anyone that is aware that the world is NOT a Hollywood Movie with the "good guys" killing the "evil ones", while chewing pink gum, surprised that no cheering crowds are celebrating the "liberators" that in fact are been murdered in the "safest" buildings of Kabul, and are being evacuated from Afghanistan at full speed?