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    Quote Originally Posted by Death's Chill View Post
    What degree, and what college? If it's a community college, or a low level short-term degree like liberal arts or crap like that.. it's basically useless in the job market.

    If you're telling me they went to a decent enough college (not Harvard but I mean good enough to have real value on a resume) and got a degree worth a damn, well more power to them. I don't know where they went, and I doubt it included room and board.

    Unless, of course, they also worked through college.
    Canaday, good student job too.

    Unless, of course, they also worked through college.
    course they did.
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    Canada has many options for students to get loans without interest, and some will even provide tax credits (credits, not deductions) for going to school. In fact, you can even literally get paid a full time wage to learn French here in Quebec.

    It's not the same system as in the states. Although if you can't get involved in any of those listed above, it still sucks.

    I'll say, if you are working while attending college, you should be able to pay it off without debt after. The fact you can work, and still come out with thousands (and more) in debt after is ridiculous. But that's a failing of the system, too much money being tossed in because loans are handed out to basically everyone. Same BS that happened with the housing bubble.

    If people would just live within their fucking means the world wouldn't be in chaos. People have no patience or discipline anymore..


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    Do you spread the word of rp on other forums? He may be my pick, but I dont see him winning.

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    So what are the predictions for tonight looking like?

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