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    Default Clarification on use of Third Party Programs.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion coming from players who starting playing Darkfall after AV clarified on the use of third party programs and the EULA. Please read the following for clarification on AV's policies;

    From 3-03-2009

    Quote Originally Posted by Tasos View Post
    Unattended macroing could get you kicked anywhere in the world depending on the situation. You engage in it at your own risk.

    Any use of third party programs which modify or alter the game including cheats, hacks, mods, bots will instantly result in a permanent ban. There will be no appeal. No excuses such as “I was just testing” will be accepted. We will detect and enforce aggressively.

    From 4-27-2009

    Quote Originally Posted by Tasos View Post
    "We banned 213 cheaters today. These are the people using 3rd party programs to cheat with. They were not banned for macroing, they were banned for cheating.

    From 12-11-2009

    Quote Originally Posted by Tasos View Post
    Macroing / Botting

    We've taken many measures to make macroing unnecessary and we're still at it. As such we're updating our policy on macroing to start with a 24 hour ban for the first offense, a one week ban for the second, a bank wipe, and finally a perma-ban.

    Hacks: Players that use third party programs to hack are getting banned every day. We've said it before that you WILL get banned if you're using these programs, not only if you appear to be using them. We are constantly improving our detection methods and we believe that cheating by use of third party programs isn't making a difference in the game. Our policy to third party program use is immediate perma-ban without a warning or an explanation.

    From Aventurine's Knowledgebase/Policies Support Section;

    Quote Originally Posted by Support Center View Post
    It is absolutely fine to use such devices as the Logitech G15/G19 keyboards to configure certain macros to enhance your game-play. However, do bear in mind that using scripts to allow your character to do anything he would not normally be allowed to do (Including but not limited to using skills without player interaction) is strictly against game policy. The use of such scripts would result in disciplinary actions taken against your account. Using a script to allow your character to automatically loot a corpse, for example, is illegal.,6

    The first quote states that unattended macroing is a ban-able offense. Whereas third party programs that hack, mod, and generally cheat are perma-ban material. This generally refers to programs that alter the game world/mechanics, not general combat macros.

    The second quote states that the first major ban wave in Darkfall was not for macros, it was for cheating programs.

    Tasos mentions a change in policy in the third quote, stating that macros are now ban-able (note, however, he does not specify attended or unattended - big difference here). Regardless, macroers are initially issued warnings rather than perma-bans. And again, Tasos notes how third party programs that hack get perma-banned without exception, not macroing.

    Edit: The Support Center link states that macros from computer hardware (Logitech G-Series, etc) are acceptable Darkfall tools, therefore permitting combat macros that do not break game mechanics.

    As far as I know, this is the last update on the EULA-related macro/third party programs that AV has given us. Third party programs that hack or cheat Darkfall's systems are perma-bannable, whereas using macro programs are (at worst) given a temporary ban.

    With today's ban hammer dropping, the Darkfall community needs to be educated on AV's policies before any "They deserved it for using X program" can be thrown out.
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