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    Default Ignoring Ron Paul Has Reached Comic Proportions


    Yesterday, Ron Paul won the Los Angeles County straw poll. He had more votes than Romney and Cain combined. It was a small gathering but a confirmation of Paul's much larger victory in the California State Straw Poll last month.

    And like the California Poll, it was virtually ignored by the national media. They prefer to bask in denial and focus on Herman Cain's showing in the recent Florida straw poll whose delegates were actually chosen last summer.

    The distorted media coverage or lack of coverage of presidential candidate Ron Paul can sometimes reach comic proportions.

    Yesterday the New York Daily News solemnly told its readers that Herman Cain, having just raised $8 million, was third in fundraising in the Republican field, right behind Romney and Perry. Don't they wish.

    The truth is that Ron Paul is third and he is the candidate that raised the $8 million, not Herman Cain.

    That's all right, Ron Paul supporters say. Keep it up. Nothing angers the "Paulistas" more than the flagrant favoritism and the manipulation of the media. On Oct. 19 the Ron Paul campaign is calling its next fundraiser, "Black This Out" a sarcastic response to debate hosts who purposely exclude him and blatantly promote their own favorites, regardless of the polls.

    While he was the only presidential candidate in the last GOP debate to effectively use his question and while that question provoked a misstatement from the current front-runner, Herman Cain, no one seemed to notice.

    Ron Paul had asked Cain why, in the past, he had opposed an audit of the Federal Reserve and why he had belittled those who were calling for it. Cain flatly denied he had ever said such a thing.

    But here is the exact quote:

    Some people say that we ought to audit the Fed. Here's what I do know. The Federal Reserve already has so many internal audits it's ridiculous. I don't know why people think we're gonna learn this great amount of information by auditing the Federal Reserve.

    I think a lot of people are calling for this audit of the Federal Reserve because they don't know enough about it. There's no hidden secrets going on in the Federal Reserve to my knowledge.

    Ron Paul's subsequent call for an audit won congressional approval and the resultant expose has stunned those who have seen it. In 2008 alone, the Federal Reserve dished out $16 trillion including money to the banks of its own board members and corporations like General Electric, which owns NBC television and the McDonald's hamburger chain.

    Consider that the entire nation debt, which took years to amass, is only $14 trillion and you get an idea of why the Federal Reserve has always operated in secret, passing out its money to elitists insiders and corporations all at the expense of the rest of us who pay for it through devalued money.

    Television networks no longer follow their own debates with online surveys of a winner. They rely on "Focus Groups" (wink, wink,) where they control the questions and the reporting of the results of those questions that they decide are "newsworthy."

    After one recent debate the focus group of 30 people clearly picked Herman Cain as the winner of the debate while the network ignored its own, open, online poll showing Ron Paul the winner.

    Why have online surveys at all? Ron Paul will win again and there will be nasty online correspondents ridiculing them for not mentioning it.

    This week, one lonely media outlet, The Bedford Patch, a New Hampshire online news service, was brave enough to allow an open poll after Tuesday's Dartmouth Debate. When I voted this morning it was showing Ron Paul winning at 73 percent.

    It was Sen. John McCain who first angrily referred to Sen. Rand Paul, the son of the presidential candidate, as a hobbit. The Liberty Movement has taken to the idea.

    As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, "The hobbits may be little folk but they are honest and hardy and easily underestimated." So let Lord Sauron, Tolkein's antagonist, and his corporate partners and their media outlets, arm for war against Romney-Perry-Cain.

    Ron Paul and the rest of the invisible band will stay on target, moving silently through the marshes, looking to Oct. 19, the next moneybomb fundraiser and a chance to speak with their dollars. Go ahead, they say to the media elites and their robber barons, black this out!

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    America has been turned into an Obamanation.

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    Ron Paul is obviously a racist. Black this out! It should be named Afro-american this out to not be racist.

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    I'm sure he's glad you internet freedom fighters have his back.

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    I think I'm going to start ignoring Ron Paul as well just because his army of internet warriors is so irritating.
    - Kinsari

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinsari View Post
    I think I'm going to start ignoring Ron Paul as well just because his army of internet warriors is so irritating.
    Good won't be seeing you in the future threads then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Methuselah View Post
    I should get ahead of the curve and ban you now then...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinsari View Post
    I think I'm going to start ignoring Ron Paul as well just because his army of internet warriors is so irritating.
    Who do you support in the upcoming election?  line=1345590091

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