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I do feel sorry for those that have lost a loved one, however I think this is a different animal here. As I have stated before, (if you ever read it) is that even though you might not be a consumer of iProducts, you still have directly or indirectly been effected by Steve Jobs. Deny it if you may, but everyone on the internet, that use mobile devices, and have personal computers at home have been effected.

It's like talking to a wall here. More like

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doesnt mean he should feel bad. When Saddam died i didn't feel shit even though he might have had a small effect on my life. And I don't give a shit about jobs, why? because people are only 'caring' because they don't know shit about how it really works. I feel more bad for hobos that die because they didnt live in the lap of luxury and die at the young age of 56.