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    Default I call forth great powerz

    The spell hath been cast now you all will witness my power.

    To stop the great power from spreading you must sub and try to stop me.
    You are reading the writtings on the walls. The great knowledge has spread to you for a reason.

    This is no accident that you have stumbled across this ancient power.. the power in the writings and the power that has spread across Agon.

    Now the clan Show No Mercy has been spewn forth from the belly of the beast and has been granted the power by the undead Dragon Luxiferz.

    Now in an attemp to gain control of Agon the Undead Dragon Lord has asked me to build a band of ruthless Barbarian and Assassins to spread the Hate Of the Seventh Seal accross the land. Just one of the Seven Plagues to sweep the lands of Agon with more to soon follow.

    "And thy hands were burned as thy reached up crying for mercy" Tales from Sandbrook Chapter 16 Verse 3

    But when it comes to the clan Show No Mercy none can be found

    It was written thoudands of years ago and now the time is at hand for you all to witness the power of Luxiferz!

    Now everyone.. every race, every alliance.. new, vet.. young and old.. will feel the power of the beast!
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    That post gave me cancer.

    -god damn

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    I havth subbedth to stop thou!

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