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    Just found the article, anyone heard of this?

    "The motivation for PvP, of course, brings the game around to resources, and therefore PvE. Players will basically be fighting for control of the more interesting and more profitable areas of the world. So if you want slay the epic loot dropping beastie, the chances are you’re going to have go and slay the people who are currently in control of it. All of which means this will be a highly guild-oriented MMO. “This really isn’t intended to be solo’d,” explained Connole. “It’s very much a guild versus guild game. We want people get in there and play with and against real people.”
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    I grow things for my income so I have lots of free time to play DF.
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    This entire community used to defend Darkfall. It was like a forum full of Tibernicus's. Now, 95% of darkfall vets on forums are completely negative. Something tells me the blame doesn't lie with the community.

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    there is already a thread about it:
    Frumpy Lump's rage
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    He said consumers make jobs appear. Let him explain how that happens.
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    At least I get to fuck.

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