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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausei View Post
    that mission is pretty damn cool. the wounded ones crawl away as they are executed. Cops try to fight back with vastly insufficient weapons.
    i love the part when you see the cops coming up an elevator with bullet proof vests and shotguns, etc, like they are going to kick some ass, and then as soon as the door starts to open one of the badguys chucks a grenade inside and it blows the elevator and all the cops up and falls
    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Darwin
    "Ignorance begets confidence, more so than does knowledge."
    Quote Originally Posted by Hyldor Gwyvallt
    UK made Saudi Arabia a monarchy so they could take over the middle east

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    One of the few things in this world that makes me a bit pissed off, is the "video games are evil" arguments.

    They talk about the handful of people who apparently committed crime based on a video game.. but clearly ignore the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of gamers who arent even phased by game content.

    Why isnt every second child or person, that plays video games, out there setting people on fire, hijacking cars, bombing buildings..

    Education and intelligence is why.

    The ones who melt their real life best friend inspired by M.Bisons special attack in Street Fighter are the ones who have some serious issues mentally, probably form their home AND / OR a severe lack of education / common sense / intelligence.

    Also, its been proven that Films are more influencing than games. I cant find the link to the report but whatever.
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