Ugh. Been a horrible day. Was as high as 1160, now I'm 1096. I'd be at least 1260 if it weren't for other players. 1 Leaver, and the rest feeders that wouldn't listen when I politely asked them to be careful. One guy even said that he wasn't feeding when he and his lanemate were both 0 2... -_-. Elo hell man. Elo hell. I've never lost so far when I get Shen though.

I'm kind of iffy on Pantheon. He's really good but I don't know if he can carry retards. You need special champions to carry retards, and while panth can carry really bad people, bad people, decent people, good people, and top people, I'm not sure he can carry retards.

I think I will stick with Vlad, Shen, and Corki. And I will try to learn Karthus. I also need to learn another non banned tank, maybe Cho Gath.