Here are a few suggestions to bring in new players that will want to pay.
These are my first impressions on the game after playing a few days and why
many would quit after playing even hardcore pvpers. Ive been playing MMOs
since the start of the internet age. I love the hardcore pvp of this game and thrill of losing your equipment in pvp and love the skill system.

1. Communication and Gui Inferior to most other games. Harder to use.

2. No feeling of Community for newbies. Takes to long to find group or clan
or help within game for more social players. Once in clan to be able to be of use or participate in pvp skills have to be above 75 in many areas or some clans will not even accept you. And many specific skills are required or mainly wanted for pvp so no individualism in skills for players. I have to make a cookie cutter design to be wanted or needed in game.

3. Way to much time in grinding for newbies for basic skills etc feels like work to most all people except your hardcore gamers that can play 8 hours a day.

4. Again Even with massive amount of skills players feel they have to skill certain trees of skills to certain levels to be of any use or to pvp.

5. Players should be able to be Unique Support skilled or Unique Healer skilled
and more powerful at specific useful things to the groups or clans. Not we have to have a 75+ archery,melee,witchcraft,greatermagic etc for use in this clan.

6. This doesnt mean certain skills shouldnt be HARD and take along time to grind. Since they would be more powerful skills. But there needs to be a way
to let players be individual in having that strength in a certain tree of skill. IE if you constantly grind a strong Melee skill then a strong magic skills will decrease in skill. Or like a alignment system for skills.

7. Alignment system for skills.
As you level certain categories of skills your alignment of Magic healer... Magic Support... Melee tank.... would change giving you options for stronger skills in that category that only one tree can be taken for that aligment skill specialization.
That way players currrently that have a bunch of skills would not have to lose any skills. They would choose a new specialization tree that would focus there individualism as how they support there clan in pvp. IE crafting, tanking, archery etc and sub specialization in those types. And these high end skills only one tree can be chosen. With the choice of being able to lose that tree and change to another .

8.New players should not be able to be constantly griefed in there racial starter cities. Racial npc starter towns should be closer knitted creating a sense of unity for that specific race not a sense of complete chaos. Newbs should not be fighting over spawns while high level players are killing them off and preying on them. This should have much harder consequences.

9. General Public does not want to spend days killing the same goblins or low level enemies to grind basic archery melee etc skills. That alone loses players quick.

10. Newbs and other players alike need a sense of progress of empowerment.
This game just gives a since of your the prey or sheep until you hide and grind for months till you can compete with others. You can have full on hardcore pvp and full loot without that feeling.

11. If the overall power of skilling up only lasted a couple of weeks for players to get right into pvp and and group pvp then you would keep more players. Leave the extreme grind for those specialty skills and crafting.

12. You want players quickly becoming part of a community and joining into the pvp making a impact in the game not hiding somewhere killing goblins or some other creature hours on end.

13. Make towns focal points of community. IE reasons for people to be around town and to use the town. Easier for new players to set up small shops vendors. Or older players to set up small shops for new players to browse. A reason for a hustle and bustle community in certain towns or clan towns. So that you have a Alive feel not a ghost town feel everywhere.

14. Get rid of the ghost town feel of the cities. People will immediately think and feel the game is dead with this feeling of Am I alone in this town where are all the other players. Theres only one player in this town and hes here to grief me.

15. Overall the game is great just needs a few tweaks for player retention and keeping the newbs. Many MMOs are profiting greatly and i mean greatly by switching to F2play systems and in the end making more money off there own online stores. Thats a last resort to keep you mmo alive.