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    Default Community Discussion: DF2

    AV has already stated that they have plans for an eventual new game which would utilize that which they feel worked well in DF and incorporating ideas they would like to implement but can not due to technical limitations. This will obviously be years in the making so now is the time for us to discuss that which we feel should be included to help make it THE GAME everyone wants to play.

    I'll be stealing various parts of many different games in my suggestions below, as well as player suggestions from various threads. Without knowing any specifics of what type of game they have plans for, this discussion will be based on the assumptions that it will be a FFA, full loot, sandbox similar to DF currently, if not actually DF 2.0.

    I am an advocate for local banking with global gold. Nobody can argue the fact that EVE has the most complex economy seen in a video game. Hell there are university economy classes that study it. Some people play the game purely for the economy. That said I do NOT feel that that is a viable option in DF currently.

    As posted by Blue Oreo:
    "No, the problem is that local banking is an exceptional idea in a world that has regionalized resources, an exceptional crafting system, meaningful politics, etc, etc, the list goes on forever.
    You're carting before you're horsing here.
    Darkfall has none of the things it needs to have local banking make sense, and no, it's not an idea where you can force local banking through and the rest will follow. There are prerequisites."

    A local banking system is something that must be designed around from the ground up. Yes there would be implementation questions that would have to be worked out, but properly done would add alot to the game in terms of logistics, empire management and strategy.

    DF has a great basic combat system. The no auto-target, FPS type 3D combat is perhaps its strongest trait. IMO it is a bit bland though. Personally I would like to steal some of DAoC's combat system and add in the following, most or all of which can be applied to archery as well.

    Special Attacks-
    Positionals: In addition to the front and back vectors add a vector for the left and right sides. This allows the creation of attacks that can only be used within specific vectors, ie front, back or side position pre-reqs to using the skill.

    Reactionaries: These are skills that rely on the player reacting to their opponent. Examples would include attacks that can only be used 3-5 seconds after parrying or blocking an attack, after having your attack parried or blocked, or after having been hit with a specific positional. There are numerous reactionary pre-reqs that could be used.

    Chains: These are attacks that can only be used 3-5 seconds after successfully landing a pre-req attack, ie "Super Power Attack" could only be used after landing a normal Power Attack.

    The above types of attacks should either cause additional damage or have some kind of special effect added to it.

    I believe it was Osium that originally suggested a sprint bar that was seperate from stamina. This would make using sprint more tactical instead of allowing perma sprint through the use of food, pots and transfers.

    Special Effects-
    While I do not want full mezzes and stuns and that type of CC added I do believe we should have more various combat effects added. Examples could include combat speed debuffs, disarms that make one unable to swing their weapon for 1-3 seconds, very short duration snares and/or roots, weapon type specific debuffs, ect. All should grant immunity to having the same effect applied equal to atleast 2x the lenght of the effect itself.

    All of the above is geared toward increasing combat options and rewarding high levels of player twitch skills.

    Quite simply DF's crafting and resource system is crap. The simple tiered system means that basically everything but the top tier of items are useless. The following would create a much more diverse system.

    Types: One thing MO did do much better is creating varous types of resources that can be used and mixed to achieve various results. Different types of woods and metals should have different effects in the resulting final product produced.

    When weaponsmithing, you should be able to blend various metals to effect the swing speed, durability, damage potential, ect of the final weapon.

    For armorsmithing, different metals should effect the encumberance, durability and resists that the final result has. Combining all metals would give a suit with average resists to all damage types or one could create suits that only use a small number of metals and give high resists to specific types of damage.

    In either case no 1 weapon or suit of armor is the best but allows players to make weapons and armor that match their play type and the opponents they will be facing.

    Regional: Regionalizing the various types of resources above would enhance player trading. It would make it much harder for a single clan to control. Additionally it would make certain types of armor/weapons more common in certain regions and players would be able to wear "counter gear" that is region specific so a player may wear one thing when raiding in one region but wear something else entirely when raiding into a different region.

    Remove most if not all system and global messages. Espionage and infiltration should be more player driven. Imo the current system of easy messages and global announcements is anti-sandbox.
    Want to know who is allied/at war with who and who is sieging who? Ask the clans involved or sneak a member into that clan.
    Want to keep people from stealing from your mine then keep the damn thing protected.
    Want to sneak into another clans city, you cant because they know the second you do.

    I will be adding more to this list. For now this is a start to get the discussion rolling and I'll comment on others ideas and add more of my own later.

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