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    Default Treasure Hunting (Expansion Feature)

    Ever dreamt of following in the footsteps of legendary treasure-hunters to uncover valuable hidden artifacts? This is for all you explorers and adventurers out there who love to find special treasures! Hunting monsters for their loot now has the added opportunity of discovering Darkfall's new treasure maps.

    In order to get down to business, you'll need to speak with your resident NPCs who will teach you the necessary skills to read maps. They'll also teach you how to make your own shovel in order to dig up the buried objects.

    Darkfall's treasure maps come in different varieties and some could be much more valuable than others. If you don't want to do the dirty work yourself, you can become a map trader and deal in these precious objects instead. Treasure maps can be traded, sold, and even pried from the cold hands of your victims.

    After a treasure map has come into your possession, you can activate it in your backpack or bag and the treasure map details will appear on your screen. Don’t' expect the maps to give away their secret that easily. Unfortunately these maps are quite old and so they might be frayed, withered and torn making it difficult to make out the exact location of the treasure. They will however point you in the right direction and provide plenty of hints for you.

    For now, as long as you have one or more Treasure Maps in your backpack, you will be able to dig up the associated items. We are already planning on expanding this system, which means you can expect additional treasure hunt features being added on top of the one we talked about today.

    Let the digging begin!
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