Well Ive just read this post and It got me looking at the Darkfall Homepage which, for most new players, would be the first bit of information they see.

And what a pack of lies it is! This is what It says anyway;

Role-playing, strategy, and shooter action in a MMOG
True, I'll agree with this statement

The largest handcrafted online world of its kind.
Also a true statement

Over 10 thousand concurrent players per game world.
Hmm now this is where AV starts telling fibs. Perhaps the game world is designed for over ten thousand players but there certaintly isnt ten thousand on the european server, thats for sure. Maybe at a push 1 thousand people, cant say for sure anyway as the game world is so big and your probably not going to meet half of the people, but 10 thousand?

The largest MMORPG battles ever - involving thousands
Wrong again, I haven't played in a while but I've never seen battle with 'thousands' of players, maybe back at release I've seen battles of hundreds on either side, but nowhere near 1000

Ultimate PvP action, the #1 choice of top players and clans.
Oh ok, yes another agreeable statement

Seamless, zoneless, non-instanced world. No invisible walls.
True, although theres the big invisible wall around the edge of the map, I'll let you off wth that one though

No safe zones. Full loot. PvP everywhere with accountability.
This is debateable, although I've seen many people killed within NPC cities they are designed to kind of be 'safe zones' for people, otherwise the zap towers wouldnt be present. And technically, everywheres a safe zone for the new players with the 'new player protection' system

No more leveling. Improve the skills you use.
Hmm although there aren't any 'character levels' like there are in most of the other bog-standard mmo's and the grind has been significantly reduced from what it was at launch, there is still a grind to become a 'high-level' player with great stats, skills, spells etc, and when you add them all up, you have to level thousands and thousands of times

Fight on mounts, ships, man cannons and vehicles.

Siege and conquer cities, build and protect your own.
True again

Craft any item in the world and put your name on it.
Bollocks, I can't craft Gnoll armor, black knight armor, 'below hoods' and 'below shoulder-things', and worst of all, I can't craft the awsome Sadayel (forgive my spelling) Head-dresses Im sure there are lots of other pieces of NPC armor out there such as the minotaur armor and such but those are the ones I personally remember/know of, so no , you can't "Craft any item in the world and put your name on it."

So thats my low-down of what AV claims the game is on the hompage, and unlike the guy's post at the top I mentioned, I'm not asking for a refund and I haven't broken any rules on the forums so my thread shouldn't get blocked.

Please feel free to discuss, these are, afterall, just my thoughts on the claims that AV makes on the Homepage and I'd like to know other peoples