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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffheadsr View Post
    a better answer is WHY NOT.. I like it.. the more sandbox features the better imo. Just because you won't use it doesn't mean others won't. This expansion is exactly what it needs. More fluff. If you ever want the population to be anything like EVE.
    i know if i sub ill use these for shure XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draemos View Post
    After browsing these forums on and off for the last year, I can confidently say that the majority players... while putting forth several ideas for interesting and exciting new sandbox elements, never requested anything of this nature.

    In the future, I'd personally appreciate it if your sandbox tool additions included things like beefier housing systems, city building systems, economy related systems, loot distribution related system, crafting related systems, or basically any number of improvements that are needed to improve many of the matchstick game design elements that are in the game.

    Fun Hulks and Flags are not what I had in mind. And to be honest this is probably the first time since release that I've been disgusted with a design decision.
    This. And to call fun hulks remotely sandbox is plain retarded. This is exactly like wow motorbikes and do the same damage to the game.

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