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Hi Quake is not shitty, it's the best FPS ever created. The combat in DF doesn't really compare to it, since in Quake you actually move fast enough to dodge.
You mean strafe fast enough to dodge.

Sprint speed is way too fast. You are right, those who spazz out best win most competitive pvp fights. The drastically reduced strafing speed tells me devs did not intent this to happen. And I feel the problem stemmed from the size of the world and the necessity of traveling.

Sprint speed needs to be reduced and a cheap form of fast transportation (non combat, easy to kill - 80-100 hp - cheap to make mount) needs to be added instead.

And I am really not a fan of bunny hopping, initiated with or without spells, even though I have used it to get away my self. There is no real life counterpart, it's awkward, faster than a mount and plain silly.

I am a fan of using spells to propel yourself in one direction ONE TIME but any subsequent hops which preserve the initial speed are just buggy game mechanics in my mind.