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    Default Darkfall Online Return To Darkfall for free for 14 days?

    I got this email on April 28th. I have been very busy and now I have 2 weeks available to play. I tried activating the account and it says I am ineligible. Was the return to darkfall for 14 days a promotion for only a set amount of time? Did I miss the window? It doesn't say anything about a time limit to activate the offer in the e-mail.

    Note: This is what it says when I try to re-activate:

    "The Return to Darkfall Offer is available for those with no valid subscription since before the 31st of March 2010 or have purchased the client before 31st of March 2010 :
    We are sorry but you are in-eligible for this offer.
    The offer can only be redeemed once"

    I have never redeemed the offer, and I have not a had valid subscription since 2009...
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    It was a limited time thing. There is still a 14 day free trial though. You could always try that and if you like it just resub on your old account.

    I imagine they will do a winback again in the near future. We have a pve expansion coming in July, then a big overhaul coming with DF2010 but that is probably coming close to the end of the year.

    They will most likely have a winback after the july expansion or at least after the df2010 release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beradule View Post
    then a big overhaul coming with DF2010 but that is probably coming close to the end of the year.
    Knowing AV, which year are we talking about?

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    I"m not sure ... the "Back to Darkfall offer" might have expired but they have a Free 14 day trial now.
    Just create a new trial account and try it out... if you like what you see - re-active your old account or continue to play with your newbie.
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    The offer expired already. The email made no mention of a expiration but the post tasos made in the news forum had it.
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