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    Quote Originally Posted by Apex Vertigo View Post
    Eh, I like volunteer work and charity things so I guess that's why it appeals to me. Also, I like mmos but while playing them I just feel my life wasting away as I do nothing to better myself.
    How does the pwnzing of the nubszors not better oneself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nate4449 View Post
    If I enjoyed doing "physical stuff in the real world", then why would I be staying at home all day playing an mmorpg?

    Wtf man, I'd even have to go outside.

    And FFS, forced altruism again?

    I'd rather play the game than work in the real world for imaginary ingame rewards. Lame.
    So what you're saying is that you never go outside? You never pass these things while walking out of the store (people collecting for say the salvation army as an example)? You literally sit at your computer 24/7, without ever making any physical contact with the world outside? If so, then that is sad, and if you do actually go out, then you would have no excuse to call such simple tasks "work." You also, for some reason, act like this would be the only way to ever gain anything in-game, when the truth of the matter is, that you are just lazy and want to troll a forum.

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