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    Default NEW player Tips, guides, links

    Hello all, We've written up some tips, guides and links etc that we put on our NEW clan forums to help the new playerbase.
    As not all new players join with us, as well as some of this info being useful to other players, we thought it would be nice to share it with you all.

    If there's any corrections below or additions please post them to give the maximum benefit for all!

    Many Thanks


    NEW clan leadership (EU)
    Achilles Darkfrost
    Torinar Blackhammer
    Reggie thebright
    Asnar Grafton
    Willy Boy

    Dont be afraid to lose items !!
    Darkfall isn't like any other game out there. Yes it's free for all loot. When you die anyone can loot your items. Whatever visible items monsters wear they can also drop after you kill them. This means that you will have loads of items in the bank, if you bank often. Ranging from weapons, armor, bows and arrows etc. Therefore the loss to you through being pked will be minimal.

    NPC's also sell armor and weapons. Weapons up to rank 20 and staffs up to rank 40. They are however, costly. It's cheaper to let someone craft it for you as long as you provide the materials to craft them.

    Even losing a mount in darkfall won't effect you too much, since you can just gather herbs from bushes and have a chance to craft new mounts yourself. As an example, after 3 months of playtime, I myself still have about 63 steedgrass in my bank (steedgrass is explained below and are used to craft mounts) and about 8 crafted mounts.

    You Win some you lose some is what counts in darkfall. You lose stuff and the next day you come across someone elses grave with a shit load of loot in it and a mount still spawned next to it, or in his grave.
    Essentially when you're reasonably new, many player killers usually just loot your mount, your reagents, your gathered materials, cooked food and your money. The rest they will leave on your grave often enough since it's of no interest to them.

    Bank often
    This is very important! Keep in mind that at any time you can get playerkilled (pked), so its wise to bank often.
    So bank your farmed gold, reagents, arrows, armors, weapons etc etc.
    Don't go sell everything you loot. Keep plenty in the bank.

    You can name your bags
    Double click, not too fast, on a bag and a cursor will appear below the bag. You can also select the bag and press backspace, then just enter the name you wish, ie, Heavy Armor.

    Remember to use the bindstones !!
    When you travel far and come across a new city and you want to kill some monsters around there, or do whatever, it's probably wise to find the nearest bindstone. Every city has one. If you do not bind at the new city you will return to your last bindstone upon death which means it is a long run to your grave.

    What about a market, an auction house, how do I trade?
    There's no market or auction house in darkfall. The only means to trade are to either use the trade channel or be a lucky bastard and own a house + a vendor to sell your items from. Of course besides owning a house the only means of trading is to go to that person and click trade, from menu (aim at person + hit G). The risk factor here is that he could have a few friends waiting in an ambush and steal your goods. So always trade near a bank incase this happens, or bring backup!

    What about player housing?
    There are aproximerly 800 house spots available in the game.

    House deeds come from chaos chests, which spawn randomly around the countryside. Cottage Deeds have confirmed to drop from Goblins/ Hobgoblins.

    House items like beds and guardens, safes and cabinets, even the vendor itself are all chaos drops, some items drop from monsters.

    Each house costs 10 gold per hour in tax. you can pay the tax after 750 gold has been reached (~3 days). you can delay payment of house tax up to 13 days for a total of 3120 gold. house tax is paid by pointing at a house wall, pressing G and selecting the tax payment option.

    Each house has a Owner and one friend. Cottages, Houses and Villas have no way to increase the ammount of slots for friends. Large Villas can get a "Guest room extention" item and Keeps can get a "Large Guest room extention item". Large villa's get +4 slots (total of 1+5) and keeps get +9 slots (total of 10+1).

    Decorative items for houses are not craftable. doors for houses are (woodcutting 75). Each item for houses are, like the house deeds, a drop from Chaos chests.

    Different items have different function, most of them merely decorative. the notable exeptions to the decorate items are:
    • Large guest room extention
    • 10g or 100g Slot Machine (Silver and gold versions)
    • Safe (usable by owner only)
    • Vendor Booth (Owner of the house can sell his items to other players)
    • Chaos Station. These are special crafting stations. It is random on use, so the station you receive you won't know until you use it. If you change the station you lose the previous placed station. Available stations include Enchanting, Cooking, Smelting/Smithing and a Workbench.

    Starter Town Quests
    Each race has 3 starter towns which means 3x the same quests !!
    As far as i know all 3 starter towns are very nearby and all around the capital city. The advantage of 3 starter towns is you can basically do all those starter town quests 3 times and receive the rewards 3 times.

    Sometimes i hear a loud scream in the near distance?!
    This is a warning of someone nearby getting ganked so be careful. Ganking means you give the finishing blow to the person incapacitated. This gives the loud scream which is a warning to anyone near that they better be on their guard for a player killer might be nearby.

    When someone is incapacitated it means he's defeated however not killed yet. The gank skill is the skill to give them the killing blow. Once killed you can loot their grave.

    As long as the player is incapacitated, they are still moving while laying on their back, or they have a duration bar, enables them to be revived.
    Also while this duration bar runs they can choose to kill themselves , by pressing spacebar, after which they will return to their bindstone without any items on them.
    They can however run back to their grave and retrieve their items. Just remember a grave is free for all lootable so anyone can loot the items in the mean time.
    When you get revived you will be brought to life right at the spot where you were incapacitated. However you will be at low health and mana. All items will still be on you and in your inventory.

    Who can i trust?
    Basically trust no one till you are in a clan. You can usually trust your clanmates. If your intuition says someone is trustworthy, still be careful.

    Semi trustworthy are the ones that have blue names to you. They belong to your race or racial alliance.
    For instance mahirim have orcs as racial alliance friends. Racial allianced players can visit each others towns and talk to their npc's and such. When a blue attacks you they will turn rogue.
    If they also kill you they will turn red, receive an allignment penalty, which means they are from that point on hostile in any npc city and will be attacked on sight by the guard towers. For that reason alone you can semi trust blue players. For many it's too much of a hassle to turn red and not be able to visit npc towns.
    Dont trust anyone that's red to you. They can attack and kill you on sight without any allignment penalty.

    Going Rogue status/Alignment
    When you hit someone with a damaging spell, debuff spells, bow or melee you have initiated Rogue status. You turn Rogue temporarily.
    Getting rogue status means your name from that point on turns grey to everyone, even your own race and racial alliance. At which point they can try to kill you without any allignment penalty.

    However, Rogue status only lasts 10 seconds after your first hit on a friendly blue player. If within these 10 seconds you again hit a friendly player your second penalty will be that you will remain rogue for a full 2 minutes.

    If you have the rogue status you can be attacked without penalty. If you kill a player you will turn RED and are from that moment on considered a Murderer.
    Life of a Murderer is a bitch, unless you enjoy the challenge, and means you can no longer visit npc cities. Guard towers will attack you on sight and npc's will no longer talk to you so this means you cant sell or buy either or pickup quests.

    Also you will no longer be bound to that particular city you were bound to before you turned to murderer status. You will instead, upon death, return to a chaos bindstone which is somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

    The only place you can then safely go to to buy and sell stuff is either your clan city (Your clan city is of course always friendly towards you no matter what your allignment is) or find a chaos city which is friendly to everyone no matter what allignment.

    To turn blue again, to loose your negative allignment, you will have to kill players which do not belong to either your clan or your racial friends. So red players to you.

    You will not turn rogue when hitting clan members or party members.
    Meaning you can kill eachother without any penalty. Careful in parties with unknown people, best just stick to partying with clan members. Any party member can kill you, gank you and loot you.

    Save all consumables
    Consumables like cheese (very rare drops) , strawberries, apples etc. Those are used in advanced cooking recipies !! The only early monster drop eatables that arent used in anything, that i know of, are Lizzard on a stick and you will often find Bread (Bread is already cooked so ready to eat!).

    Consumed food regeneration DOES NOT stack with resting
    I'm not sure which regen is faster but I am guessing that's dependent on rest skill.

    Keep an eye on being in range of a friendly Guardtowers for safety
    The actual towers that attack enemies, zap them, are the big stone
    Guardtowers you see in town.

    Gather herbs to find steedgrass to be able to craft a mount
    Mounts in darkfall are crafted using the Taming skill and a whistle.
    You need to buy the Taming skill and the wistle. Then once you found a steedgrass from gathering herbs you have the ingredients needed to actually create the mount.
    That's all it takes to get a mount in darkfall. Steedgrass + whistle + taming skill. Put the whistle in your inventory and double click it to start crafting your very own mount!

    Be careful though when spawning a mount, or trying to despawn it, with people near you. They can hop on your mount and ride away with it!
    Yes they can steal it.

    Always make sure no one's around to steal your mount. Mounts can also be killed by arrows etc.
    At Lesser Magic 50 skill you can buy the Heal Mount skill at the Mage npc. Then using a mandrake reagent you can heal your mount.

    If you are new and hardly capable of defending yourself, I'd suggest that you use your mount to travel from city to city only. Taking your mount with you to go farm mobs somewhere is very risky.
    It's just not worth loosing your mount over some cheap gear any pker will leave on your corpse in the first place.

    You can only craft the mount belonging to your race
    This means you can't craft mounts belonging to other races.
    You can however trade your racial mount for a mount belonging to another race. This means you can ride any racial mount, all mounts in darkfall, just can only craft the one belonging to your race.

    How rare is steedgrass
    Not rare at all. I'm sure that if you gather 3 to 5 bushes a day in no time you'll have plenty of steedgrass to craft mounts with. It is based on luck however so one day you won't get any while the next you will get 2 steedgrass from a single bush. I would suggest not concentrating for hours and hours to get a steedgrass. Do a few bushes a day and that should be plenty.

    Save all reagents
    Don't make the mistake of giving away or selling your reagents because you think you'll never cast magic. Even if you go all melee and bow you will still need all reagents for magic casts. Yes all melee pro's also still cast magic.

    NPC's sell all reagents
    Find the reagents you need by visiting the npc's in town. If you do not find them in starter town then for sure they sell them in your capital city. Try
    the Mage npc. Reagents are sold per 1 unit. So 1 mandrake (under herbs section at the npc) sells for 2g each.

    NPC's sell craft materials per stack of 10
    The prices you see for cloth and leather etc are per stack of 10.
    So a stack of cloth and the price attached to it means you only buy cloth for 2g per piece.
    So its basically cheaper to just buy the stacks of materials then to hunt for them.
    Instead you just farm monsters for gold and buy the stacks at the npc.

    Find your Capital City and pick up all Title Quests there
    Your capital city is always nearby your starter town. It's also the only place where you can pick up Title Quests.
    If you dont know the name then just ask in alliance chat. Once found head there and pick up all title quests.
    They will reward you 2k gold, items and require you to kill a few hundred of a certain mob for the title reward.
    The first one starts with KILLING GOBLINS so the sooner you get this title quest the better.
    Each title quest has 3 tiers and so each title will also reward you with the title, plus more gold and better items, which gives +2, +4,+6 to a certain stat. However you can only have 1 title in use and change it to another title every 24 hours.

    Should i go Magic or Melee and Bow
    The answer to this is really your preference.
    Just remember that magic casts require reagents and therefor is harder to lvl then simply melee and shoot bow. You either need to farm mobs that drop the reagents you need or you need to buy the reagents with gold from other players or npcs.

    Using melee and bow is way cheaper to pve with. However magic has many useful spells ranging from blinding spells to buffs, heals and heavy area nukes etc etc.
    Nukes often have area damage and bow does not. So for bow you need a really good aim.
    There's still plenty of spells that require you to aim as good as you would with bow though. However spells 90% go in a straight line to target so you need to take the distance into less consideration as you would with bowshots.
    Of course there's also the specializations. If you specialize in melee and bow you will do more damage to staff users (They must have a staff equipped.) and have higher resists, so survivability, vs magic casters.
    You could also speciallize in spells by upgrading the spells and so make them more powerful.
    Specializing in melee means you can't use the main damage schools any longer while specializing in magic means you can still use meelee and bow and still be very dangerous with meelee and bow.

    Most consider a well developed mage as the most dangerous since they can do area damage, have alot of utility spells and still do normal melee and bow damage vs others. However they do not get the extra resists and increased damage vs staff wearers that melee and bow specialization users get.

    Magic gets lots of utility spells like come hither(pulls a player towards you) begone (pushes a player away from you), wall of force which (puts players in an antigravity bubble), self buff spells with protection against melee and magic, blind spells and so on.

    What about specializations
    Certain skills, concerning melee and bow skills, belong to a certain catagory. For instance take the jumping skill while having a bow equipped and you cant take the aquashots skill to shoot while diving. They are both of an opposite catagory.
    Also it's very important to pay attention to what the skill themselves say. If it says something like blocks all elemental magic schools, arcane magic and necromancy magic then take this into careful consideration. What this means is you wont be able to use any spells of those schools which also means you cannot skill them either. Until you cancel your spec's that stop you using them.

    You can still use lesser magic, greater magic, witchcraft and also spell chanting but these schools are not really good damage schools.
    Also keep in mind that skills like mana shield, for bow, or double jumping, for melee are only enabled whenever you have a bow or melee weapon equiped.

    You can unlearn any specialization skill at any point by visiting the trainer again, mage or fighter. Your gold however will not be refunded to you.

    Spells have their own specialization but this isn't available for all spells.
    Upgrades like 40% more velocity, 10% more damage or being able to jump while casting the spell are upgrades that you can buy for spells.

    You can have only 1 upgrade active for any 1 spell though, so for instance you wont be able to buy both 40% velocity increase and 10% more damage at the same time for 1 single spell.
    You can unlearn any spell upgrade at any point by visiting the trainer again.
    Spell upgrades only count for spells and have no penalty for your melee or bow.

    For magic how important are staff ranks?
    Staff ranks on itself doesnt matter much but what does matter is what staffs can do at what magnitude.
    Magnitude is for instance the damage number you see on a staff, like 0.44 for instance. The higher the magnitude the better your heals will be, the better your buffs and the more damage your nukes will do etc. However ranks itself means very little on staffs. What you need to pay attention to with staffs is the casting time and the magnitude.

    For instance there's the Darkheart staff which is a rank 20 staff which has high magnitude for its rank compared to other staffs of 20 to 40 ranks higher. However the downside, is that it has slower cast time then other staffs of higher or equal rank.
    Then there's for instance the Blackbolt staff which is a rank 40 staff but has very low magnitude but has a higher cast time. So staff ranks is more about making choices then simply assuming the higher the rank the better the staff. It's simply that at crafting different tiers of staffs, so higher ranks, more staffs become available from which you can choose the staff to fit your needs.

    How does melee weapon or bow rank matter?
    Weapon rank matters that the higher the weapon rank the more damage you'll do. Though damage on weapons show odd numbers like 0.41 or 0.10 to make it easier to understand just convert them to %.
    So even though 0.41 doesnt seem a whole lot more then 0.10 its still 31% more damage if you consider 1.00 to be 100%.

    Though i'm not sure anyone is 100% sure on how it works, it seems that weapon rank vs weapon skill is important to take into consideration when it comes to damage and durability loss.
    For ease of explaining, i'll talk about monster drop damage modifiers since crafted damage modifiers have a larger range and monster drop modifiers are constant. (see crafting subsection)
    For instance, using a rank 40 sword while only having 30 skill in sword means you'll loose durability faster on the rank 40 sword but also gain more damage compared to a rank 30 sword. You will however not use the full damage potentional of the sword. For instance the rank 40 sword has a damage modifier of 0.41 and you with your 30 skill will only use a max damage modifier of 0.35 of that sword.
    Now if the rank 30 sword only has a base damage modifier of 0.33 you'd still gain 0.02 damage using the rank 40 sword. However you'd need to test the max damage on each sword.
    If you have plenty of higher rank weapons then by all means use those. Clans often provide plenty of monster dropped higher rank weapons.

    Do weapon skills count for all weapons?
    No they do not. Each weapon has its own weaponskill table.
    For instance if you start out with 2 hand axe and then later decide you'd rather use a 2 hand sword then this will mean you will have to start at skill 1 all over again.
    For this reason alone it's important to make the right choice of which weapon to choose. The choice of which weapons to choose could be your own race. How tall are you and so how far is your natural reach ? For instance mahirim are the largest race so for them a greatsword already gives long reach. For an alfar for instance it might be handy to choose the polearm because they are the smallest race and so have shortest natural reach.
    Then again swords are faster then polearms so this is also a choice to take into consideration.
    Im sure you can find plenty discussions about the pro's and cons of races and which weapons to choose for them or the pro's and con's for weapons.

    What is parry and what is blocking?
    First off Parry = Blocking. Just your skill sheet only shows the parry skill but the skill displayed there counts as blocking skill too.
    We example, you can use Parry for when you use a 2hander and blocking for when you use 1 hand and shield. Parry using a 2 hander, absorbs about 50% of the damage. Blocking, so 1 hand and shield, absorbs about 80% of the damage.
    Parry/blocking also blocks spells. So it's very nice to block spells with those skills since spells can hurt. They can also block arrows.
    Don't forget that shields have protection modifiers on them which in return means you take less damage.

    Lastly 2 handers hit harder but slower swing but do have longer reach so its also easier to hit 2 monsters at once with 1 swing. 1 handers hit faster but less damage per hit and shorter reach, however you do also have a shield to block with and absorb more damage from the shield protection stats.

    Should i go 1 hand or 2 hand melee for pvp?
    For using 1 handed weapons, you will need to be very good at sticking to your target, as these weapons have shorter reach. Using 2 handed guarantees a easier time hitting mobs, greater damage and has a wider area of attack, but less protection and a slower swing.

    Parry can be disabled by certain skills. Therefore in pvp blocking lasts as long as the recharge of the users disabling blow skill. However you still need to hit with the disabling blow in the first place.

    What about daggers
    They do seem to do alot of damage per second when i see others use them in pve. However many complain about daggers being useless in pvp since their range is so short.
    Then again like with the 1 hander + shield, if you are really good at sticking to target, the daggers again will outdamage a 2 hander or 1 hand + shield.
    However from my understanding daggers have an even shorter range than 1hander + shield.

    I would'nt start with daggers until later when you have had some practice sticking, staying on target etc. Practice with longer range weapons and then you can decide if daggers are for you. If you have enough faith in your abilities then by all means start with skilling up daggers right away since it'll save you alot of time. Instead of having to first skill another weapon to find out you can stick well and then having to skill daggers again.

    Which is the fast way to get weapon and magic skill gain
    PVE provides the fastest skill gains.
    You gain 6x the skillgain speed by fighting monsters with magic.
    You gain 3x the skillgain speed by fighting monsters with meelee and bow.
    You gain normal skillgain rate, so no x times, vs players.
    Then also the skillgain takes into consideration the speed of recharge of spells. The slower the recharge the faster the gain per hit. Damaging mobs also seems to give faster skillgain over debuffin mobs.
    I am unsure if higher skill requirement spells give better skillgains then using lower skill requirement spells.

    Being on a mount only allows for 1 hand + shield
    You can not cast any spells, use a bow, or swing any 2 hander while on a mount. The only weapon you can swing with while on mount is the 1 hander.

    Of course since you can only use a 1 hander you can also still equip a shield while having your 1 hander unsheathed. Mount riding gives a heavy bonus to weapon swings plus on top of that your 1 hand weapon skill also determines the extra damage so dont 100% neglect your 1 hander skill.

    It's not possible to use weapon skills while on the mount. Skills like knockback, power attack etc do not work while riding a mount. You can however do frontal swings and left and right swings by leaning left or right, use keybinds for that, before you swing your weapon.
    Mount fighting also allows you to use your mounts fighting capabilities.
    If you hold still your mount and then move backward and press left mouse key your mount will do a back kick.
    If you hold still your mount and then left click your mouse your mount will do a frontal bite.

    Keep an eye on your encumberance
    Specifically for magic casting encumberance means a great deal.
    The higher the encumberance the more your spells will fizzle, fail, and the longer it'll take to cast your spells.
    I've also read that travel times of magic projectiles are slower but unsure about this. Recharge times on spells stay the same though. Heals will also be influenced by encumberance. Conversion spells however are not influenced by encumberance. Conversion spells are mana-to-stamina etc.

    Heavier armor means higher encumberance so less ideal for magic casters.
    Magic casters are best suited to stick to studded and bone armor at first untill your armored magic casting skill is high enough to wear better protective armor.
    Armored casting skill raises very slow so be patient. Later on in the game there are enchants that give you feather enchants on your armor and will reduce your encumberance.
    The penalty to bow damage through using heavy armor isn't as great as it is with magic.

    Frontal hits vs Backhits
    Frontal hits do the usual "normal" damage while hits in the back do 40% more damage. This counts for all skills including magic, meelee and bowshots.
    For magic it also counts for all buffs, heals and nuke damage. So if you heal someone it's best to heal them in the back, or when buffing someone it's best to buff them in the back, for higher stat gains.

    Stat tips subsection;
    • Using a starter (conscript) weapons (for example the Leafblade sword) will NOT give you stat or skill gains. These weapons are non-dropable on death so you will always have it in your pack. You will need to loot or buy a ranked weapon to start obtaining increases in your relevant stats. Thanks to Wyverex (EU) for this tip.

      How to find out which action raises what stat ?
      Whilst mining etc, just open your stats screen and see which stats show in light yellow/white numbers while other stat numbers stay darker yellow.

      Which action raises a stat the fastest ?
    • Fishing and herb gathering raise wisdom the fastest.
    • Sprinting, swimming and riding mounts give quickness gains the fastest.
    • Mining raises both str and vit, but vit faster then logging wood.
    • Logging wood raises str faster then vit.
    • Shooting your bow is the only reliable way to raise dexterity.
    • Sprinting raises dexterity too but really slow.
    • Gathering is a very efficient way to raise both str and vit.
    • Don't forget player versus monster hunting. Meleeing will raise your str, quickness and vitality at a nice rate too. Which is the faster of the two, PvE or gathering, hasn't yet been confirmed.
    • Casting spells raises your intelligence the fastest.
    • Finally all the crafts, including woodworking, smelting etc, raise your
      stats too but at a slower rate.

    Skill tips subsection;
    • Using a starter (conscript) weapons (for example the Leafblade sword) will NOT give you skill or stat gains. These weapons are non-dropable on death so you will always have it in your pack. You will need to loot or buy a ranked weapon to start obtaining increases in your relevant skills. Thanks to Wyverex (EU) for this tip.

    • PvE gives you the fastest skill gain. Magic gains on monsters are 6x the speed vs hitting other players with it. Melee gains on monsters are 3x the speed vs hitting other players with it.

    • Riding skill gains, mount riding, doesn't make you travel faster. It
      just decreases the amount of stamina used.

    • Jump skill gains reduce the stamina cost per jump
      Anyone know if this allows you to jump higher?

    • Recall skill gains lets you recall faster.
      Though it seems influenced by your encumberance. So if you recall naked you'll recall faster then wearing heavy armor.

    • Swimming skill gains decreases the loss of stamina.
      It wont let you swim faster

    • Diving skill lets you submerge for a longer period.
      It basically increases your lung capacity. It's wise that any time you swim you simply dive and stay under water as long as possible. This to immediately start raising diving since it's essential to have higher gains later. Also others can buff you to be able to have longer diving periods. There's jewelry that give you better lung capacity for longer diving also.

    • Sprinting skill gains lets you sprint at a lower stamina cost.
      It doesnt let you sprint faster.

    • Running skill gains lets you run faster.

    • Resting skill gains increases regeneration rates.

    Crafting and gather tips subsection;
    • Wisdom reduces the chance to fail.
      This counts for both gathering and crafting. If while crafting you get a fail you'll still loose the materials used for that craft so the higher the chance of success the better.
    • Crafting skill gains reduces the chance to fail.
      So the higher your craft skill, the better the chance of success. This is the same for smelting etc. Wisdom also plays its role here.
      If you fail a craft you will loose the ingredients used for that attempt.
    • Wait with crafting untill you have 40 wisdom
      The reason for this is that at 40 wisdom you can buy the Trueforge skill. Trueforge will give the items you craft much more durability which of course means it will break less fast, and hence less replacements.
      The decision to wait till 40 wisdom is of course yours.
    • Items are not repairable
      There is no craftskill or any skill that lets you repair items.
      You therefore must pay attention to the durability of your items.

      Monster item drops vs crafted items
    • Monster item drops are always lower durability then its max base durabilty.
    • An item can drop at 10 durability on one ocassion, then 40 durability another time. Also the damage and protection on monster dropped items is always at the very minimum meaning crafted items will give you better damage and better protection vs monster dropped items.

    • Crafted items will have much better durability. Especially when the crafter has a good Trueforge skill (obtained at 40 wisdom).
      For instance, a rank 30 crafted bow can have maybe 0.01 or even more damage then a monster dropped rank 40 bow. Basically you can craft a tier 1 item, that will be equal, if not better than a tier 2 mob dropped item. Depending on your masteries.

      Raise Tailoring skill cheaply
    • Craft clothlegs and resell them again to the NPC. Ideal for trueforge gain once you have 40 wisdom.
      If you invest 2000g, this will progress your skill pretty far as it is. You then start to craft hundreds of cloth legs and sell each unit you crafted back to the npc for 1gold each while the cloth itself cost 2g to buy.
    • This means that per unit crafted, you only lose 1 gold each craft. For 2k gold you can easily get to 50, probably close to 75 tailoring skill. Tailoring is the easiest to reach 100 skill, at which point you can craft full bone armor sets. It's also the cheapest craft.
    • Tailored armor is more ideal for magic casters.

    • At 1 skill you can already craft chain armor items.
      You can right away gather iron and craft your own chain
    • At 25 skill you can craft a nice full set of banded armor.
    • Armorsmithing is more ideal for the melee users because it gives more encumberance. Tailored armor is more ideal for magic casters.
    • Maintanance skill only lvls on crafting items.
      I believe you get this skill at 30 wisdom.
    • Crafting higher tier items gives you a better skill gain
      If you are in a hurry then craft higher tier items since they simply give better skill gains.
      If you are wealthy, both in gold and materials, then also craft items which require the most materials.
      This again gives better skill gains but they cost a lot of resources. Otherwise just stick to the higher tier but cheapest material wise, to achieve gains at a reasonable rate.

    • Start skinning early to build up bags full of enchantment items. These are used in enchanting items with +attributes, ie +2 str etc.
    • Beneficial for the contribution towards attribute gains.
    • The higher the skinning skill the less chance on skin failures.
    • Certain harder mobs will skin for rare ores for instance. So it's really nice to have the lowest chance of failure possible. At 100 skinning skill however, you still have a small chance of failure so 100% success chance is not possible.
    • To skin, equip a skin knife, stand near a grave and look down on it and press the left mouse button.

    • Allows the option of transmuting weapons (adding lightning damage, fire etc).
    • Adds + attributes and other benefits to items, whether weapon, armor or jewlery.
    • Pursuing an enchanting career will cost you many gold pieces. This profession is best left until later and will be best resourced through clan support because of the expenses. However it's still useful for making weapon transmutes early on.

    Monster weakness and Transmuted weapons (elemental weapons)
    Every monster has a weakness. Be it vs pierce, vs slash, vs lightning magic, vs fire magic etc.
    Transmuting weapons means you give a weapon a magic modifier. For instance it'll do fire damage after the transmute.
    This is really handy vs mobs that are really resistant with slashing damage, and so very hard to kill but are weak vs fire for instance.
    After the fire transmutation your sword from then on will do fire damage against the monster, which is vulnerable towards this damage type and therefore much easier for you to kill.

    * How do i set a waypoint or marker/note on the map ?!
    Use the command "/annotation_add name" without the "" ofcourse.
    You can also type /ann and press the tab key to bring up different options.

    This will set a note on your map but keep in mind this will set the note at your current position.

    To remove an Annotation use /annotation_list after which itll show you a list of annotations with a number next to it and use the "/annotation_remove nr" command

    * Treasure chest keys you find during your travels
    At times you'll find keys from monster graves.
    These are to open special chests corresponding to the key.
    So a selentine key will fit on a selentine chest. The trick is to find those chests. The darkfall maps online will usually show you the locations of these chests.
    Selestine is the easiest to get, for lower lvl chars. Opening such chest will reward you with 200gold and 3 enchanted items. Enchanted items are items with extra stats on them. For instance a staff with +1 intelligence or a scale chest piece with +5 hp etc.

    The next key is the veilron chest and its reward will be much higher!
    It'll now reward you 2000 gold and 3 magical items of better rank.
    There are several other keys which will reward even more.

    * Server down will remove your spawned mount and grave !!
    When the server goes down and you still have a spawned mount in the world or a grave with your items on it they will dissapear forever.
    Keep this in mind when hunting close to server downtime.

    *If your client crashes whilst you have a mount spawned in game.
    Your mount will still be in the gameworld at that spot where you last crashed. As long as it's there anyone can steal the mount.
    Same goes for your grave. It will still be there for 2 hours but anyone can of course loot it.

    * Monster spawns only happen when you come near enough
    Keep hearing a strange cast sound right before you enter an area where there's monsters near?
    Monsters only spawn when players are near. So if you approach a camp at which location you know there are monsters, and they've already spawned, it'll mean a player is either there or was recently in the area.

    * Set sound to max amount of channels your soundcard is capable of!
    By increasing the amount of channels in sound options, the sound will start to sound more local and distant.

    At game's default settings all sounds are near and very loud.

    * Raise video gamma settings!
    If you don't want the immersion of running through a forest in utter darkness other than the moon light, raise your gamma. There are currently no fire torches etc in game to light up your area.

    * I get annoying black lines around the environment/npc's and other world objects!
    Simply disable post processing in video options - I feel the graphics actually look much better with it disabled.

    Useful links concerning questions and darkfall info:

    Check out the accelerated character development video's. Not only are they cool to watch but also show how to develop fast and furious!
    They show which initial magic skills to choose and how to progress through monsters. There's also a cool rocky background music track running while you watch the video ! Valroth's made an excellent series of 4 video's which will guide you through how to quickly advance your brand new character.

    Forum Spotlight on the accelerated video's with links

    No one can live without the use of this cool spreadsheet for crafting information. You dont need to be a crafter to find this sheet useful since at one point you'll be looking for a crafter to craft nice items for you. This sheet also gives you info on what materials you'll need for that 1 pretty shiny new weapon you are after!
    Not only that it also gives you lots of info on spells. Which school has what spells, what reagents the spells need, how much gold they cost and what skills you can buy at what skill lvl in that particular spell school.
    Also it gives info on transmutation material requirements and lots more!

    Crafting Spreadsheet & more

    Want more info on certain clans ? Want to see how powerful they are and what alliance the belong to or which alliance is the strongest?!

    Check the url below for the political map and clans database;

    Political Map

    An excellent database site for getting info on magic schools, monster drops, crafting info and much more;

    Darkfall Database

    Need to know the location of chests, monsters and dungeons then check these urls for darkfall maps..

    The 2 below are 100% free but not 100% updated;

    Darkfall Atlas
    Afraid Yet Darkfall Map

    The one below is updated and very accurate with lots of useful information about monster weaknesses, locations and what they drop but is bandwith capped so has a limit on the amount of bandwith used each 24 hours and this bandwith pool is fairly small so dont keep this website running for to long and it'll be very useful to you for quick searches.

    Yourmom Darkfall Map

    A handy race's guide. It gives info on the skills of each race.

    Racial guide

    The url below is a really good schematic of all the skill requirement flows to other skills. It'll show what skills do for you and what the requirements are. 1 or 2 things are outdated but the rest is still up to date.

    Skill Requirement Flows
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    props to you all
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    don't be afraid to lose items

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    Nice post asnar, should be helpfull to many.

    Wish US had their own forum aswell.. cant stand you people. Well, most of you.
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    IMO the best advice is to just do all of the capital city quests aka "title quests".

    I would start with the one given by the fighter in your race's capital city.

    By the time you finish the important ones (Str, vit, int, dex) - you will be pretty well rounded and have a good sense for what's important in-game.

    I would say the forums are a much better resource for questions than racechat, in fact I recommend most people stay away from race/trade chat for at least the first week...a lot of scamming / misinformation goes on there...

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    Good stuff. Congrats on spotlight!
    Hopefully the starting players get to see this and save themselves alot of time & energy!

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    Good stuff.

    Didn't have the time to read through it completely, but if you haven't already, you might wanna include that you don't raise any skills or stats by using starter (conscript) weapons (especially name Leafblade, as that's what new people start with)

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    Good for the new players. Nice done
    Darkfall Unholy Wars
    Playing Darkfall is the most fun I've ever had on a computer with my pants zipped up and both hands on the desk.
    Quote Originally Posted by AStormofShadows View Post
    It is sad to me that people are so melodramatic about Minor issues that will most likely be addressed very soon. Log back in and keep the game alive please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyverex View Post
    Good stuff.

    Didn't have the time to read through it completely, but if you haven't already, you might wanna include that you don't raise any skills or stats by using starter (conscript) weapons (especially name Leafblade, as that's what new people start with)
    Great addition, i'll put that in.

    Many thanks for the positive comments & corrections

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    i lost my bag of loots to some bad bad boy.. he was teleporting all over :O is this normal??? his name was KRANKONE HSLER

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    Fix links bro...
    Quote Originally Posted by Falokis View Post
    Appearently, DF is for about 1000 people worldwide. As far as MMORPGs go, that is like masturbation. You are basically playing with yourself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Krucial View Post
    If they can't solve this issue then they need to input system random loading lag IMO, so you wouldn't be sure if the lag is from players or system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkwood View Post
    Fix links bro...
    Yes, it appears you have just copy/pasted the links from somewhere as pure text...

    I suggest using this format for links:
    (url=link_address)name of link(/url)
    of course, substitute () with []

    For example:
    EU political map
    NA political map

    Also, links to both NA and EU NEW clans would probably be helpful too

    Keep up the good work

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    Thanks guys

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    Keep the good job, i always support NEW.

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