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I honestly think completing the systems, adding content and doing epic dev driven events will make some of these issues not a big deal.

2 things I want to caution AV on with this.

Consider the focus of your game is PvP at the moment and that the whole point of PvP is for one to beat the other.

Keep the heart and soul of this game PvP, but please focus on the fluff and finish the systems so they promote a more casual - non clan atmosphere. Let playing the game be the social lubricant for players and not just a clan called NEW.

There's a lot of wolves in this game... we need to focus on making the sheep happy. Lots of sheep = happy wolves no matter what.

Look at the alignment system. If people had incentives to stay blue and not murder... they would. The real reds would be happy there's more people out and about. It would also promote the RAC stuff people clamor about. Shape the game so that going out and adventuring leads to social interactions OTHER than PvP. Improve the dungeons! Please make them the main places people want to go to PvE.

Please do not scrap any systems or direction you've taken this game. Build upon what you've got because it can give you everything you want. Be careful of players making long term decisions (such as permanent roles or losing work already done for example.) Players aren't excited about possible race changes if these things were a good idea.

Help us build things like a Colosseum to PvP in. Maybe something as simple as allowing the winners of a PvP tourny the opportunity to pick from set designs of these things. Back the players efforts if you want this game to be focused on that kind of stuff.

If you continue your approach, I HIGHLY recommend you get involved from a 3rd party perspective. Developers... write a story for Agon and add content based on the story. Tailor the expansion to telling the story (IE. add more fluff!) and build upon what you've got. Give something people can follow. Get immersed into. Let the players narrate the story, but help guide it. As a bonus, this would also strengthen your connection to the community.

Lastly, I want to say that it would be great if you could expand upon the mini-games/goals for individuals. Such as player housing (add lots more.) Bulk Order Deeds. Treasure maps. Messages in bottles. Hell, gardening (deco) for homes. Just stuff to give people something else to focus on and have fun with.


PS Thanks for looking at HP.