Nice work dipshits, holy fuck...

so yea now it will be even Easier to zerg your way to a fuckin siege?

what a piece of shit, just another example of adventurine failure.
so we will now see the super buff huge alliance clans at all the sieges they were missing. nice fuckin work nimrods.

this is so stupid, and super carebear, what an epic failure.
gee, people dont like people speed traveling in the super huge world we have created, lets make it easier!

and lets make it so it does not involve the SG at all! and they need a puny collection of shit ass shards, awesome so now the mobs we fight are going to drop even more random Shit us real players dont even need.
thus increasing the loot table more so the items I came to collect have even less chance of dropping.

Adventurine can lick my ass, you fuckers fail on every level.
here comes the summer anyhow, winter near over wont need to play this shitty game much longer.

so now you have given the zerg alliances even more reason to take over and hold all the small hamlets instead of just a few.. go fuck yourself you pieces of shit.