As a special birthday contest this month we bring you the "I love Darkfall" competition and the chance to win $5000!

For our third Darkfall competition we want you to show us the love, and we’re allowing you complete artistic license. You are free to do absolutely anything you like to show and spread the love of Darkfall. Make a video, record a song, act out a story with your friends, go back in time and commission Michelangelo to paint a scene of Agonian slaughter across the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel… It’s all good!

It has been one hell of a year for us and we can only hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Darkfall has certainly grown since it stabbed, clawed and fire-balled its way so lovingly from the developer’s hearts and minds!
So join in the festivities, get creative, win prizes, and help us celebrate Darkfall’s one year Birthday!

More details on the contest particulars will be posted in a few days.


We have updated the contest website with some more details about the competition.


Through the weeks leading up to the contest deadline we have seen a very
large number of players, new and old alike, asking us if it would be
feasible to extend the deadline by a bit.

After quite a lengthy amount of thought and deliberation we have decided
that we shall indeed extend the deadline till the 8th of August. We're
very excited about the amazing entrees we have seen so far and we would
like to give the chance to these new players and those who needed a
little more time to show us what they can do.

If you have already submitted of course, please do feel free to resubmit
if you would like to refine your work or even submit another piece.
Multiple submissions are welcome.

The week after the deadline we will announce the winner and showcase all
of your fantastic submissions!