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    Default For those from Shadowbane :-p

    I'm curious if ANYONE at all was in the guild "Maji Maharlika", like I was a long time ago. Was a guild that was on mourning when the server first started up. We weren't the biggest guild, but we were able to hold our own for a good while.

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    Never heard of em, and you'd be better off posting on the SB EMU boards.
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    As for an AV communication / Development update, you have my personal permission raise hell if one doesn't come after Friday of this week.
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    AV can be happy that im not near to greece, otherwise i would leave them a BIG SHIT @ the Entrance, every morning. Just to say how fucking shitty they are!

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    Begone Mourning scum!!

    Huzzah for Wrath, Huzzah for Seadron, HUZZAH!!
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