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    Quote Originally Posted by NewRage View Post
    Jeez, let me rephrase since you can't seem to get the idea of dick sucking out of your head. Either you are a fanboy of Cameron or you got paid off for your review... Better?
    Let me clear this up nice and well.

    If I got paid for a review, I wouldn't be posting it on Forumfall.
    I don't even pay attention to the directors of movies half the time. Leading up to the movie with all the trailers, people like you kept raving and ranting and weeping about the guy spending millions and millions of dollars on CGI and saying it was like Michael Bay throwing explosions at a movie instead of creating a plot. Clearly you are wrong, and I am giving the guy props for creating such an awesome movie (Because the vast majority of people enjoyed the movie, that makes you the angry redneck jumping up and down screaming because you can't get it).

    Jog on.
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