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    Default Any plans to fix and balance archery before the next "expansion"

    I waited for this expansion for all the hype of Mage Killer that was supposed to balance archery against mages, but it utterly failed. Only 20% increased damage combined with taking away the archers ability to wear heavy armor = archery is still severly underpowered vs magic.

    I like to play as an archer, don't want to play as a mage, so if this isn't fixed there isn't much else for me to do in darkfall (que the trolls asking for my loot or saying goodbye).

    Yes archery currently can out dps magic, if you are both standing still and fire toe to toe, but this never happens. And a mage has a much greater movement range than an archer, plus they can have jump shot tied to spells.. or faster firing etc, so they can use different spells for different situations. Not be limited to only having one specialization for all their magic. So the result is that the mage can run around with their mouse sensitivity jacked way up making it very hard for the archer to land shots, then the mage simply turns and lands a hit anywhere NEAR the archer and boom full damage.

    Combine this with the fact that mages can still get away with wearing armor just as heavy as an archer can now because of unburden and the fact that encumbrance does not lessen their damage merely gives them a greater chance to fizzle a spell which they can also lessen with other spells like adept. Also mages can have aquatic shot without hurting their land based damage. It would not have been so bad if you had not increased the encumbrance of armor in the expansion when you increased the resist on it... even banded with leather gloves and boots will put a 100 armored archery archer to 19 archery penalty... that's -2 points of damage just for banded, that is crazy.

    Anyway this game is fun, but without balance it's just disheartening to go out and pvp, which is the only real point to this game. So I'm hoping aventurine developers can fix this and balance archery in a very soon patch rather than waiting until the next "expansion" to throw archers another tiny bone. And even if the rumors are true and you make it so archers can have aquatic shot + mage killer.. thats only going to give archers help in water battles, land battles will still be just as unbalanced as they are now and were pre-expansion.
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