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    Default Anyone play Maplestory?

    So addicting..
    I'll post a video of my character soon.
    This'll explain everything:
    I believe I did what's called making you forumfall down the stairs.-Jackhowitzer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackhowitzer View Post
    So addicting..
    I'll post a video of my character soon.
    you're asking for it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffington View Post
    A perfect metaphor for Forumfall. We are all a dog wearing a birthday hat with a cupcake calling it a muffin..

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    Unless it's something with freakishly large boobs to mesmerize the flames, you really don't want to go there.

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    are you fucking serious?

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    It's addicting at first, but the grind is just awful later.

    Acordionasty---> Not me, but it's pretty good

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