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    Yesterday I did all the steps to transfer my character. There has since been a server maintenance and when I log on my account it shows up on EU server with option to create a new character. Am I doing something wrong that my character and NA server isn't showing up for me? Do I need to Download a NA client? thanks

    also when I go to NA darkfall account the shop I can't buy any time it keeps asking me to redeem darkfall code anyone know what this is?
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    Are you sure that you've done all the steps? I read about someone missing a step that they haven't noticed, but i don't remember what it actually was.

    Anyway yes, you need to download the na launcher following instruction here:
    (under "EU to US Client Installation")
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    If it shows the EU server, you are simply using the eu-client and not the NA-client.

    If you did all the steps to transfer your char ( including installing the na-client/launcher ), then you are maybe just clicking the wrong shortcut ?

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