I haven't been here since hmm...late march? With Aion being just as boring as [insert last MMO played here] was, I figured I'd check up on Darkfall again.

I enjoyed launch, and I've had my share of fun from the game, but I didn't really play it for long before I got bored. The launch of this game was so much fun because the clans hadn't really had a chance to form, and hyperion wasn't conquering the world. Once all the alliances started forming this game got crazy dull for me. The only time it was "worth it" to leave my clans island was for major sieges. What with it taking a good hour to get to a good "noob farming" location out of hyperions reach, I had little motivation to do anything except buy 8 mounts and farm elf shades nonstop by switching between them all and back-kicking for free gold.

There was of course real issues with the game, like the characters with ridiculous stats due to acid/lava grinding. The race imbalances were pretty bad, and magic grinding was the most fun I've ever had. Of course such entertainment could only be obtained while I slept with a macro running all night.

So, is this game any better? Did they fix/improve any of the above issues?