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    Quote Originally Posted by ZtyX View Post

    I don't like it. Its very unfair.. My clan helps new players even better than this nooby "NEW" clan who got their city for free and without actually working hard for it!

    Besides, what can they experience in Hammerdale? I live on Yssam..

    Why are you giving them attention and not attention to Yssam Raider?

    Look, community staff. You need to be really careful with spotlighting clans and players. Cause every time you do it you make everyone else jealous because they want it to be them getting the love of the devs!

    And that's the truth.. Everyone thinks it. I said it.

    Good day.. And please give us another live event. : ))))

    EDIT: I want to say something regarding new players. .. I've also noticed this increase and I've recruited a good amount of them. I'm going to keep trying to snap them up and show them Darkfall!

    I think its important that whoever recruits these new players remembers that they are sensitive in this game so long after launch. When we started we had it easy. Everyone was newbie.. now everyone is strong and they start out and get owned repeatedly. So I suggest that people recruiting newbies should be careful not recruiting them if they just make them leave the game out of frustration. It is your responsibility as a guild leader to make sure they have a good experience in game. Cause they are real people and the future of Darkfall depends on them tbfh... So do your part.

    The devs are doing their part.. but the community is a big part of it.

    Community staff.. you have a job to do as well. You need to make faboulous events that newbies can go to so they will never forget Darkfall.

    You're right. It's not fair that a clan that has gone to the effort to advertise their clan to new players (probably better than yours) should be rewarded by this forum...I mean...We should also take away player stats because its not fair that the guy with the most kills gets to be in first place.

    The same can be applied to anything competitive, and recruitment is competitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZtyX View Post
    Your clan is the same as the rest and warrants no extra attention of the devs.


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    ZtyX, again, try to enjoy playing
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