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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyndal View Post
    Oh I can see "throttled transfers" being a good source for some quality QQ.

    Just please do not bring back Queuefall...
    Queuefall would've been much better if they'd implemented ganking & ninja-looting whilst you waited
    "You ganked n00b1337 for his place in the queue! but alas! N00bPWNER has ninja-looted the slot!"

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    It was stated in one of the answer threads that character transfers would start "around the 3 month mark from the NA Launch" which appears to be typical AV vagueness. The three month mark is in three days so can we get an update on the exact date that we'll be able to transfer? There are a lot of people who have unsubscribed and are waiting specifically for transfers so that we can come back and play on our preferred server.

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