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    Default Looking for Roma Victor Account.

    The title says it all. I'm looking for a roma victor account from someone who no longer players.

    -Why don't I buy one you ask?

    --It's simple! I don't trust a game that says it will have trial for more then 2
    --years. That and I may not like it. Basically the account will be used as a trial,
    --if I like it I buy it.

    So if you or anyone you know have an account let me know.

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    Sorry, we don't have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by generic_user View Post
    Sorry, we don't have one.
    You might not but someone is bound to have one. Especially with 5000 accounts sold and only maybe 100 active! All the normal community left to darkfall for it's greatness.

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    They have 100 active accounts and they call themselves an MMO? I've had more active players in Neverwinter Nights.

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    As the norm in MMORPG's is to not allow account trading, I'll assume it's the same in Roma Victor and close this thread.
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