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    Default CyberDefense

    well they are finally clocking onto it and the powers are creating dedicated CyberDefense divisions, The US had their dfense checked, the Uk is having theirs done, Estonia did theirs after they were DDoS last year

    and what do china do?

    oh thats right, force everyone to install shit on their PC that leaves them open to being highjacked and used for cyber attacks

    *gold clap*

    good going china

    Personally i would fucking love to work in a CyberDefense division would just be totally cool, tracking down the bad guys and taking them out
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    You're already popping in our radar for the creation of this thread. There is a red flag by your name that calls for extra monitoring for all of your actions.
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    You're a sick fuck
    that is awesome
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    You're a fucking genius. I vote for this.

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    I wonder how many of the powers that be have eating disorders. would that help track someone down?

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