While in the real world we have the Swine Flu spreading about rapidly at the rate of... 1 person every 2 months. Deadly, I know.

Here on the internet there is a deadly virus going around. This virus is exceptionally deadly in forums, blogs, and other forms of commenting stations around the net. This deadly virus is called the S2 THCLFGROFLMAOWTF disease. Or for short, the Whine Flu.

I urge everyone to immediately lose their minds and run around performing chinese fire drills, as this will keep your brain active and prevent you from spreading the whine flu should you catch it and feel the need.

Symptoms may include but are not limited to:
  • Diarrhea of the Mouth
  • Thoughts that may harm others opinions of your sanity
  • Browsing a particular internet page for hours on end waiting for someone to answer so you might attack them
  • Urges to harm yourself or others
  • Anal Seepage
  • Wild Eyes
  • Know-it-all Syndrome.

Please contact your nearest friend, family member, or medical doctor if you feel more than one of these syptoms. You may have Whine Flu.