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    Default what is with this "right wing" and "left wing" bullshit.

    Sounds like youre talking at a KFC convention.

    stop saying "left wing, right wing" they don't exist. Some asshole invented that catchy phrase.

    Whoever He really is, should have his balls jammed up his asshole, so he can wallow in his own repugnance.

    fucking left wing, right wing, left wing right wing. Dem's repubs. whatever the fuck, if you haven't figured out by now, they are all in the same fucking mind set. They are all ONE party. There is no difference. There is no such thing. Its' just bullshit, faux pas created sides so someone like you, can pick one.

    the real truth is they should all be called "give me a fucking job, where i only work 7 months out of the year and can exploit people, giving me money to further thier agenda's, all the while i pretend to give a shit about the average American, while i write off all my expenses to the taxpayer, effectively doubling my outrageous wage" <- this is the fucking party you vote for, each and every time you vote.

    There is no left wing, right wing. All your politicians fall under one category.

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