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    Default Oldschool FPS'ers Unite

    This is a thread for really old school FPS'ers to come and chime in. These are not players that only LIKE Fps games but old school guys who in the 90's gravitated to playing FPS games like Doom, Quake, Quake 2 etc.

    I played Quake 2 a lot and a bit of doom, Duke Nukem 3d was another big one.

    Quake 2 scared me the most though, especially the security complex levels where you saw the Human marines in the holding cells going literally insane saying things like "Let me ouuuuuut" and others just sitting in the corner going "aaaaarwrrghghhh" or "It....hurrrttss.."

    A few other areas where the experimented on the Human marines. Being a young dude seeing a mechanical arm attached to the room holding a tablesaw thing in a dark room and then activating it and ramming into a screaming marines` abdomen and the guts spewing out and blood flying everywhere was one of those "Holy fok" moments, but in the end it was awesome.

    Please, share your "holy fok" oldschool FPS moments!
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    I once kid a Nazi in Wolfenstein! Holy fok.

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    I remeber some very tense moments in BLOOD, killing cultists in the Overlook Hotel level... EPIC
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