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    Default What political party should I support?

    This is just some random shit I was thinking about tonight and im curious as to what some of u might think of where i stand politically.

    1. Im against abortion

    2. I hate capitalism, but i also hate big government.

    3. Im against stem cell research.

    4. I hate war, i think we should stabilize our own country before trying to stabilize other countries.

    5. I think most politicians are like used car salesmen, i dont trust them.

    6. I dont believe we should bail out fortune 500 companies that fail. I would rather see that money spent on organized crime.

    7. I hate the media and I hate people who follow politicians because they are charismatic.

    8. I dont believe in taxing the successfull people in order to pay people who dont want to work.

    Where do I stand? Who should I support?
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