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    Lightbulb Just thought that this might be intrest some one.

    For you who are planing to make a clan and need a some voip channel. there is great free service avaible who need it. it's based on muble.

    Here is the Muble home page
    and here is page where you can order muble servers free up to 30 slots after that you need to add banner to your home page

    In my experience best times to order is some where between 6.00am and 3.00pm (gmt +2)

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    Ive heard of mumble, Ive also heard that it is a very good voice server.

    You also spelled Interest wrong.

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    If we're going to get nit-picky, he also spelled mumble wrong twice, didn't capitalize after a period, and used incomplete sentences.

    Furthermore, he should have used colons when putting in the time.

    You didn't use apostrophes when you were supposed to.

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