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    Default Patch Notes June 19

    These are the patch notes for today's patch:

    New Content

    • New Dungeon - Broadherne
    • The Malaut family is back in Agon (9 new monsters):
      • Servant of Malaut
      • Favored of Malaut
      • Daughter of Malaut
      • Son of Malaut
      • Apostle of Malaut
      • Maiden of Malaut (Dungeon Only)
      • Vassal of Malaut (Dungeon Only)
      • Disciple of Malaut (Dungeon Only)
      • Herald of Malaut (Dungeon Boss)

    • New Malaut Monster Family Feats
    • New Vargashi Monster Family Feats

    • New Utility Ship: Fishing Trawler
      • New Shipbuilding Recipe for Fishing Trawler Figurine (Requires: Shipbuilding 50).
      • New Party Harvesting Prowess Points System when using the Fishing Trawler for Harvesting.
      • New Harvesting Loot Tables when fishing using the Fishing Trawler. The more dangerous the zone you're fishing in, the more rare rewards given.
      • New Cooking Mastery Materials (fish) from fishing with the Fishing Trawler

    • New Crafting Skill: Cooking Mastery (Requires: Cooking 100)
      • Cooking Mastery Skill added on all Agon Merchant NPCs
      • New food recipes for Cooking mastery
      • New food buffs for Cooking Mastery Food
      • New Cooking and Cooking Mastery Feats

    Added Conquest Protection system for Clan Holdings

    • Conquest protection can now be applied through the GUI (in the clan city overview)
    • Protecting a holding costs Dominion points
    • Protecting a holding can be done once per 24 hours, but a clan can protect any number of their holdings at the same time, for an increased Dominion cost.
    • Two protections have been added, a "short" 6 hour protection and a "long" 12 hour protection.
    • The protection system’s timers "tick" in "real-time" (meaning that they continue to "tick" during server down-time).

    The "clan selectable" protections can be set to automatically renew. When this is enabled, the protection will auto-renew as soon as it is available again. So, for example, if a clan selects the "short" 6 hour protection, with auto-renewal, it will begin immediately, and expire 6 hours later (when the holding will be once again available for sieging). When the "once per 24 hour" restriction ends (18 hours after the protection expired), if the clan has the Dominion to pay for the renewal, the holding will automatically enter the 6 hour protection once again. Given the "real-time" nature of the system, this renewal will still happen, even if the servers are offline at the point when the protection is due to renew. The auto-renew setting is independent of the actual protection application, so a protection can be applied to a holding, and at any time (while it is still active) the auto-renew can be toggled on/off.

    If a holding is set to auto-renew its protection, but during the "cool-down" (after protection has expired, but before it can be re-applied) another clan declares a siege against the holding, the protection system will disable itself. This means that the auto-renewal will be disabled and will need to be reapplied again after the siege (and any "due to conquest" protection) has ended and protection is available once again.

    While a holding is protected from conquest challenges, any other clan that views the protected holding's overview GUI will not see the "conquest initiation" component, but will see a ticking timer that indicates how much time remains in the holding's applied protection (and when it can be sieged once again).

    As with all other clan actions, only members with the appropriate permission (or the mayor of the specific holding) are able to alter a holdings’ protection. Permissions apply to both the application of protection, as well as altering the auto-renew setting.

    The costs of protection are based on the number of hours that the holding will be protected for.
    Currently these costs are 50 (per hour) for hamlets, and 100 (per hour) for cities, so to apply the "long" 12 hour protection to a city will cost a clan 1,200 Dominion.
    The cost also goes up based on the number of protected holdings that the clan has, so it will cost 1,200 Dominion to protect the 1st city, but 2,400 for the 2nd, 3,600 for the 3rd etc.
    The "holdings being protected" include only those that are actually protected at the time, not the ones that might be in the "cool-down" period after protection has expired.

    General Fixes

    • Conquest update handling got a massive re-work to address the server-load issues experienced during sieges
    • When in game, loading screen music will use the music volume setting.
    • Fixed a problem with the fog of war displaying invalid data when the 3d device was lost and the map window wasn't visible. On some configurations this could happen on start-up.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the game to get stuck in loading screen when teleporting to the ‘Fahnark’ teleportation chamber.
    • Fixed the radius of Blizzard’s damage to affect the same area as other Blizzard effects
    • Put correct Names in the broken Primalist Armor Pieces.
    • Changed Name of the 3 Dagger Patterns (Barbaric, Stoic, Militant) from Knives to Daggers
    • Fixed a bug with feat tray toggle not behaving correctly when Edit Holding Structures (Holding blueprint) window was open.
    • Fixed a problem with clan holding policy change notifications not being displayed
    • Fixed a problem with all clan notifications sent directly to clan members not being displayed (including clan member gank/revive notifications)
    • Fixed a problem where siege-stones could be placed inside protected areas
    • Fixed a problem with conquest GUI components occasionally showing incorrect text and then correcting themselves
    • Fixed a problem with notifications sent to a clan (for display to all clan members) not being forwarded on to clan members.
    • Changed the update functionality for the clan member roster, for changes in clan member information, to address performance issues large clans were experiencing after opening the window
    • Removed mercenary contract terms components from the conquest initiator component, when a pending contract exists between the clan and the defenders
    • Restricted input characters, for the mercenary contract terms input text field (for flat-fee input), to accept only numeric characters
    • Fixed a client crash with the salvaging window's tool-tip handling
    • Fix for party window not getting mouse input focus.
    • Spirit Bond line of sight will not break anymore on tombstones.
    • Fixed a bug where siege-stones placed near monster spawns could get "stuck" in-game, after being reduced to zero-health
    • Fixed a bug where every time a feat was completed you would get an fps spike
    • Fixed a bug where Bitterstep effect would remain on a player who used a mount and dismounted after the duration had ended.
    • Fixed a bug where the map showed some dungeon portal markers that should not exist

    Gameplay Changes

    • You can no longer spawn mounts inside dungeons.
    • You can not use mount attack anymore in the water.
    • Using teleportation chambers now requires gold instead of portal shards
    • You can now teleport to unexplored destinations using teleportation chambers.

    GUI Changes

    • The clan browser now displays a “recruiting filter” check-box that can be used to display only those clans that are currently accepting new members of the player’s own race
      • The clan must be accepting both new members (in general) and applications from the player’s race, to be displayed when the filter is active.

    • The clan member roster now has a “summon clan member” button next to the information button for each clan member, that can be used (like the social window) to summon players
      • The portal shard is still required, as is the case with summon via the social window

    • All tool-tips in clan windows now have both a “title” and “description” component, to ensure a consistent display of the tool-tips (using the two color format)
      • This change has also been implemented in the world-map tool-tips, to slightly increase text size, and apply the same title/body color scheme

    • Changed Clan Holding state icons
    • Changed holding icons in conquest GUI components to match the new icons for the clan holding states.
    • All conquest GUI components (icons and buttons) should now display a tool-tip

    Territorial Control Display

    The clan overview window now displays a list of all villages that are currently controlled by the clan, below the owned holdings list.

    Each village in the list has a “show on map” button to open the world map, centered on the village position.

    The icons for each village indicate the current state (count-down, vulnerable or stealing) of the village.
    Stealer information will only be visible when viewed by a member of the clan, other (non-clan member) viewers will still see the underlying state.

    The clan holding overview window now displays a similar list of villages (above the bound citizens list).
    This list is only visible to members of the clan, and displays not only the villages that are currently controlled by the clan, but all villages in the holding’s territory.

    The number in the list title describes how many of the possible villages the clan currently controls.
    In addition to the village states, the icons also indicate the current ownership state (free, this clan owned or other clan owned) of villages in this list.

    In both lists, the tool-tip for the village icons should mirror the tool-tip that is present on the world map, with timers, owner clan etc.

    The holding list (in the clan overview window) has also been updated to display various states (owner, type, conquest, vulnerable, protected etc.) using different colored icons.

    As with the villages, the tool-tip for the holding icons should mirror the world-map tool-tips, with timers etc.

    All lists and icons update dynamically, and instantly, for changes in holding/village ownership or state, both for clan member and non-clan member viewers.

    World Changes

    • The flaming trees all over Agon are now harvestable.
    • Added Malaut Spawns in the following Areas:
      • Darkmouth
      • Broadherne
      • Cranwyn
      • Qattenhal

    • Various Terrain and Prop Fixes in the Following Areas:
      • Berghammar
      • Jhali
      • Hintenfau
      • Ozenhal
      • Ul'Sulak
      • Vargnakke
      • Buckmere
      • Sorvats
      • Janhalek
      • Erinthel
      • Mir Gelien
      • Neithstone Reach

    • Updated the visuals of the following Chests (also made them fit color-wise with their keys):
      • Selentine Chest
      • Veilron Chest
      • Neithal Chest
      • Leenspar Chest
      • Theyril Chest

    • Fixed a water hole between Hardruk and Meldanyr.
    • Fixed the Ork Smithy Lava Pipes in Nerzok and the problem players had while crouching beneath them.
    • Fixed the Visual of the Clan Mercian Fighter
    • Fixed the positioning of the following Clan Vendors:
      • Clan Merchant
      • Clan Blacksmith
      • Clan Mercian Mage
      • Clan Mercian Fighter
      • Clan Tovarr Fighter
      • Clan Mirdain Mage
      • Clan Ork Mage
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