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Welcome to the Darkfall Online community. We provide you with the opportunity to interact with fellow fans via this forum or via our IRC channel which is hosted by the Stratics IRC network. To promote a positive atmosphere we must insist that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times when participating in any facet of the community.

The terms of service below outline what we expect of you when participating in the community. The following terms are not exhaustive in their outline and may not address every situation. Thus the moderators and staff employed by Aventurine will have full discretion to address any situation that they feel is out of step with the spirit of the terms. Your access to these forums is not guaranteed under any circumstance and may be terminated at any time for any reason.

You may not at any point in time use clear or ambiguous language or provide any form of link to a source which may contain images or language which promote racial or ethnic hatred, are recognized as racial or ethnic slurs, or allude to any form of symbol of racial or ethnic hatred.

You may not at any point in time use language or provide links to websites which may contain content that refer to extremely violent or sexual acts which includes any form of pornography.

You may not at any point in time use language or provide links to websites which may contain content that refers to violent actions against a fellow community member in any capacity that is not directly related to a gaming environment.

You may not at any point in time use language or provide links to websites which may contain content that refers to any type of insult to any aspect of sexual preference.

You may not at any point in time use language or provide links to websites which may contain content that insultingly refers to any other community member, Aventurine employee, or any other group of people. Harassment can take many forms and may not necessarily be limited to language; moderators are at their full discretion to determine the context of a situation.

You may not at any point in time use language or provide links to websites which may contain content that negatively portrays any major religion, religious figure, nationality, country, or region.

You may not at any point in time use language or provide links to websites which may contain content that refers to any type of illegal activity or substance.

You may not at any point in time distribute any real life personal information about fellow community members or Aventurine employees.

You may not discuss or post any link to any form of cheat, hack, malicious software, crack, or any other content that would in anyway infringe on any existing copyright.

You may not at any point impersonate any employee or volunteer of Aventurine.

You may not excessively communicate the same idea, phrase, or create spam within the community; you may not create any thread or post for the sole purpose of causing unrest in the community; you may not cause any sort of disturbance within a thread with the intent of ruining it; and you may not make one line posts such as IBTL, IBTB, BUMP, etc. Moderators are at their full discretion to enforce the spirit of this rule.

You may not advertise any non-Aventurine related businesses, organizations, or websites without the express written consent of the community administrator.

You may not use any image in your signature which is greater in size than five hundred pixels wide by one hundred and fifty pixel tall; you may not use any animated or scripted images; the staff reserves the right to remove any image.

You may not dispute any moderator action through the creation of threads, posts, or discussions on IRC. If you with to discuss any moderator action you must go through the normal channels by sending a private message to one of the following people.

Community Manager: Brannoc

IRC Team Lead: Sprite

This policy is not all inclusive and is not language restrictive; the moderation staff reserves the right to take any action they deem necessary on a case by case basis to keep the community within our intended target of acceptability.

Upon violation of this policy your account may be suspended or banned on a temporary or permanent basis at the discretion of the moderation staff in accordance with the severity of the infraction.

The forum and IRC software log all internet protocol addresses on connection which are visible to administrative staff and may be given to proper law enforcement entities when appropriate. All email addresses and IM addresses entered into our database are held solely by Aventurine and will not be shared, sold, or made available to any third party except in the case where a law enforcement entity may require it.

We may contact you via email from time to time if you give us permission to do so within your user profile. The forums will in many cases automatically send content to your email address unless you specifically forbid it via your user profile. Aventurine is not responsible for the content located in many of these automated emails.

By utilizing any Darkfall service you fully agree to abide by all aforementioned terms.

Aventurine and its affiliates may not be responsible for content or opinions expressed on their forums or IRC areas. Opinions posted by staff members may not always reflect those of Aventurine or its affiliates.