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12-30-2008, 21:15
Hey all. I just finished writing an article called
The 2008 MMORPG Year in Review: What happened, and what didn't happen. (http://www.theburialgrounds.com/Articles/Article17.shtml)

Read it here (http://www.theburialgrounds.com/Articles/Article17.shtml).

The article focuses on the 2008 happenings for mainstream games in the industry. I held off on the F2P game changes for a future article. I welcome all comments both pro and con. I enjoy criticism, so long as its constructive.


palo god
12-30-2008, 21:17
Who wants to click the link first?

Honest Bill
12-30-2008, 21:18
Not me. OP just link the DFO bit

12-30-2008, 21:19
Not me. OP just link the DFO bit

THere is only 1 line about DFO, saying it will be released

12-30-2008, 21:20
Brief, not especially substantive, but far from stupid or anything like that.

Honest Bill
12-30-2008, 21:24
I wish the old republic would be good. Yet i know in my heart, that sadly, it will suck

12-30-2008, 22:12
LotRO really is an immersive and semi-fun game. If it didn't take such a WoW-like approach it'd be a lot better. But I will give it credit for being the most immersive and atmospheric MMORPG I've ever played to date. Especially the Shire and Breelands. If I could I'd play it to just stay in those two lands, unfortanitally I'm not up to paying 15$ a month for that. How sad, such a immersive game but with boring level-grind gameplay.

12-30-2008, 22:48
People are still afraid to click links?


12-30-2008, 23:27
AOC fell flat on its face.

Nuff said OP. That sums up the MMORPG year for me.

12-30-2008, 23:33
well either than the authors biased writing towards mmos (though more open the most wow fanbois), the main gist of it is correct.

WoW keeps living despite being an old game that has been beaten to death

AoC failed

WAR is struggling to maintain a good population

The 'minor' MMos (if you can call them that having a few hundred thousand subscribers) tend to be a lot better than the main stream ones.

12-30-2008, 23:55
Eve if DFO launches and is an awesome game, I'll still probably resub to LotRO in the future just to see all the new additions to Middle Earth in the future.

12-30-2008, 23:57
To much wowish and to much oriented hoping next big thing will be a better wow.

Its nice you do this, but post it here lol, you already posted it on mmorpg.com i can undertsand that site but a wowish review here:P

12-30-2008, 23:59
I think he just post this on any mmorpg site he can find hehe:P

12-31-2008, 00:00
You're not your.

12-31-2008, 04:13
I appreciate all your input. Damn that 'You're -->Your' I gotta stop doing that!

I try to keep an even hand in my statements regarding mmos. I dont believe its pro or con WoW. I try to keep it even handed. However, I realize that posting anything even remotely pro-WoW can lead to a backlash in some cases. I cant take playing WoW anymore either, but I still have to give it some credit. If that labels me as some sort of fanboe, so be it ...but I am no WoW player (See Awned below)