View Full Version : Gaming: To all the vets from Defiance AOS

10-25-2008, 09:11
Just wondering if we're many in here =S

So if anyone sees this, please post a little something =[

I'm The Medicine Man =[

10-25-2008, 09:28
are we talking Warcraft 3 here?

10-25-2008, 09:31
Holy hell, is there a server named Defiance AOS in Warcraft? :confused:

Anyway, we're talking UO

10-25-2008, 09:42
Oh why do people seem to think that anyone cares what server you played on? No one cares that you played UO, please just drop the whole subject.

Temet nosce
10-25-2008, 09:49
are we talking Warcraft 3 here?

Apparently not, it's UO, part #12382345.

Dear Op, please do not repost bullshit that's already been posted sickening amounts. You can find the search button on the upper part of the screen. Thank you.

Also, while I have a moment of your time could you kill yourself to prevent doing this again?

10-25-2008, 10:20
Freeshard stuff is bad.