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09-09-2008, 03:04
This thread is dedicated to those occasions when you happen to get a really, really weird/epic spam message in your inbox or on a forum. (Please, no pr0n or drug spam, kthx.) I got the idea for this when this showed up on another forum that I frequent a little while ago:
Try again
what is harder than rock ? And what is softer than water ? However, soft water is penetrating the Hard Rock, just persevere.
Microsoft young people to have a candidate, and the company has not published a recruitment advertisement. See, world of warcraft powerleveling of puzzled, young people uses unskilful English said he is a stopover here by chance, on a hastily come. world of warcraft powerleveling of feeling very fresh, made an exception and let him try. The results of the interview
People expected, the worst performance of young people. He explained that the
world of warcraft power leveling did not prepare in advance, world of warcraft power leveling thought that he is looking for excuses under the stage,so he says to the yong people: "You ready to try it again."
A week later, the young man walked into Microsoft's door again, this time he still did not succeed. But rather than the first, his performance is much better than before. The World of Warcraft power leveling gave him the answer is still the same as last time: "You ready to try it again." In this way, five of the youth has stepped into the microsoft's door, the company was eventually appointed as the company's focus on training targets. Please contact: Perhaps, our life journey around the swamp, full of thorns,perhaps items are always the pursuit of the scenic mountain heavy water .But not the way out, perhaps, we are always walking the line before a heavy stumble, perhaps, we need to grope in the dark for a long time to find a bright, perhaps, we will be devout belief in secular Chen Wu winding, but not freedom of flying, perhaps, we noble soul temporarily parked in reality can not find the Pure Land. . . . . . So, why can not we have the boldness of vision to the brave, strong and confident in ourselves say "try again!"
Try again, you are likely to achieve the success of the other side!
The value of life
Don't let the frustration of yesterday make the tomorrow dream overshadowed.
At a discution meeting,a world famous speaker didn't speak a word at the beginning.But he held up his hand highly which had a twenty dollars wow gold.He faced the two hundreds people in the meeting room,he asked :"who wants to own this wow gold ?" One after another hands were raised highly.He continued to say:"I intend to give the twenty dollars wow gold to one of you ,but before do it ,please allow me to do another thing."At the same time ,he kneadinged the wow gold that became a college paper ,then asked:"who wants to havewow gold yet?" Some hands were held up still .he said again:"Then,if I do like this,what will happen ?"He threw the wow gold on the ground then taped and grinded wow gold by his foot.then he picked wow goldup,the wow gold had became a dirty and wrinkle one.
"who wants to have it yet?" Some hands were held up."My dear friends,you have a good lesson already.whatever, how I treat that it,you want to have it still,because it doesn't depreciation yet,it always value twenty dollars yet. On the way of life ,we will be fall by themselves' decision, the difficult and the Bullying.even to dead.We feel ourselves as the worthless persons.but whatever hapenes,or No matter what will happen in the future.you will never reduce your value.
In a word,The value of life is not rely on what we do and the person we are contacting,but depend on ourselves!we are the unique ------don't forget it forever
(The WoW power leveling and WoW gold spots are all hyperlinks on this other forum.)

This same guy posted 7 other things similar to this. It's pretty astounding. If the thread gets some activity I'll post a few more of them.

So anyhow: post your epic spam! I'm sure you guys have gotten some. (Again, no pr0n or drug ads.)

Sorry if this violates the TOS somehow...

09-09-2008, 03:26
I know the answer to the first spoiler. !!!!!! :ninja::eek::ohno::lmao:

my penis

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I got Hare Krishna spam once!

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I remember getting some pretty significant spam on Christmas Eve........ recently....... I think it was this past one. Was it on these forums? Does anyone remember?