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Serc Repsac
06-06-2008, 03:45
Hey ya'll, I don't post often but I do take plenty of time ready posts made by people.

Anyway, my car has recently crapped(on the verge of throwing a rod and a cracked manifold) and I'm basically just looking for a new vehicle to drive because it isn't really worth sinking a couple grand into the car to fix it up.

I found this listing on craigslist.com and wanted to hear what you folks have to say. The mileage is 79k even though it wasn't listed on the site. I compared the Gas mileage to a 91 Toyota Camry 2cyl and they have similar MPG's

So, I just wanted to hear what ya'll had to say about it. It costs just a little bit more than what it would cost to have my current car fixed up

11-24-2008, 19:18
I'd take it!

oh wait...

Dirty l3um
11-24-2008, 19:20
four oooh four-ed

11-24-2008, 19:24
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11-24-2008, 19:25
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thread is from june 08, someone necroed it (his alt)