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02-14-2012, 00:30
So, i started a trial on DF during the phat loot/xp increase weekend. Lucky me indeed, to log on and level up fast. So.. i'v basically been waiting to play DF since i was 15, im 19 now with a really good PC in which i was waiting for. Then, i check out the game and turns out the population has gone. Is this really the case? I know a tonne of questions are asked about population but what is it really like? i really want to play DF even if its just to test out the PvP for a while. I will be defently around for DF2.0, i check the blog updates daily to keep up to date but everyone knows, the remake of a game isnt usually the same so i want to taste DF1 before its gone. ( I know alot of things is wrong with DF1 but they could fix them for 2.0 and create alot more problems for 2.0 and then its the same situation. hopefully not. )
So my question is, should i convince my brother to play a so called 'dead game'?
Thanks. ( or link to a popular thread with the same sort of question please, cant find one :P )

Bexerion Khaos
02-14-2012, 01:43
Pop is just fine on NA.