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07-24-2011, 15:43
Sweetjayne Stonebuster, master crafter and crappy PVPer is done with the game. With such uncertainty surrounding the future of the game it is not worth resubscribing to the game. When AV becomes clear as to what their intentions are I will make a decision.

I will not come back if I have to start from scratch, just not worth the time and effort.

Played since start up of the NA server and never ever MACRO'd.

AV says a decision in August which means August 2013 as they have never met a deadline. Enjoy the game.

For all you 12 year old boys that hide in your mommies basements who have to win at all costs, good luck with your circle jerk!

Adious Sick BASTARDS

07-24-2011, 15:44

07-24-2011, 15:45
welcome to what everybody is doing...

with all the uncertainty reigning right now there is no point in giving aventurine money...

we will have to wait till august 22 when they hit their internal deadline.

07-24-2011, 16:00
August is only the point which they'll gather departments work for 2.0 and string it together and then throw the remaining subscribers a beta invite period to test for bugs. Then it wouldn't surprise me if beta players find bugs AV didn't see coming that will take them ages to correct and the release of 2.0 will keep nudging its way through the rest of this year and into 2012. Not to mention future plans for the game also hinges on the Asian deal.

07-24-2011, 16:02
Not to sound like an ass but, it's adios/adiĆ³s.

Lone Stranger
07-24-2011, 16:12
We didn't want that player anyways!

When the new versions is finally release and it's good I bet you will be back. If the new version sucks it won't matter, no one will be here.

Brother Justin
07-24-2011, 16:13