View Full Version : Kozzion's Unofficial To Wipe or Not To Wipe!?

07-11-2011, 22:34
played since launch, even the F5 game before launch so I consider my thoughts valid, so should you ;)

I said it very early on in this game when I saw the problems occur (check my posts if u are interested) that this game was going in the wrong direction & that people didnt look in the long run.

Now 2 years later we are in this phase and I consider myself a little bit happy to have been a pioneer to this positive critisism, since it finally got thru to the most people & AV.
People laughed at me, we all know the famous forumfall quotes such as ; this game is not for you, you are a carebear, go back to wow, go play HKO , ... But I kept playing keeping my hope up for the better. Eventually I quitted in january or so this year. Here are some major problems in phases that occured since launch :

Problem 1 : NO ONE played the game at launch, maybe 10 % did. I was a full time trader and all I did was getting rich the first months by buying & selling reagents and bringing that to multiple holdings , clans , private people etc.. .
Even then the game felt death in the open world since 90 % was inside a city / cave to macro skills on eachother.
The reasonable people that wanted to play left then since that was not the game they wanted to play. And basically they had no other option then to either participate in this human madness or give up since you would be set so far back in the stone age that it was unplayable.

Problem 2 : Due to the empty world , many solo players left because not much was to do besides being ganked by already hardcore pple who rided out and test their new skills on regular people outside sandbrook & consorts. so another %ntage of people left.

Problem 3 : even the bloodwall people got bored of doing what they were doing and gave up.

Problem 4 : AV taken too slow actions on these , people got frustrated, forums were full of trash so any normal thinking guy would not even want to join this game in its state. so no newcomers or hardly any.

And this kept on going & going & going until the survivors now (100-300 ? ) are starting to realise that their OWN actions (not AV) has lead to this state of the game. Oke AV should of seriously looked after this human behaviour that would of happen if you gave people the tools to do so, but still .. Its not because I can break a window with a rock & take something precious out of the shop I do so, right ?

But enough chatting , here are the only 3 polls ! If u do it u do it right, so wiping with banks still availible, or wiping with stats availible or giving meditation points to start again is just stupid! FRESH has to FEEL FRESH!

1. Wipe EU1 and bring newcomers and returnees to EU1
2. Not Wipe EU1 and bring newcomers and returnees to EU2
3. No Wipe at all and lets wait and see what future will bring