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10-07-2010, 16:52
Some people have spoken of issues related to the new graphics update.
Concerns are about more loading when people enter, other believe that it would affect the overall performance.
Some even believe that this will make performance in sieges even worse.

Let's make a study into the different problems and deduct what could cause em and if these are related.

Player Load lag.
Could be caused of numerous reasons.

Main would be to handle the package informing you that a new player has entered your vicinity.
If this is the case, upgrades to graphics has nothing to do with it.
It's simply a holdup when creating the class, setting the variables( converting from bits to vectors and matrices) and adding it to your render. The amount of data has not changed due to graphics related to environment.

Region Load lag.
Loading of regions are done while you move towards them, pooled.
Textures for the ground and overall, are most likely in a retrieval system which would not be stalled in this process.
What you load would be the collision for the area you enter.
Meaning, graphics won't interfere here either.

Overall Performance
Now, this totally depends on your computer's bottleneck.

Before with people having 800 fps, what stalled it was most likely their CPU.
Having MultiCore processors in a game which does not sport it fully.
That's also why the performance would drop so hard when you enter sieges.

Textures stress the memory and your graphicscards memory.
Moving them from your memory to your graphics memory, with the bottleneck here being setting the values to your graphics card.

This would explain why some gained and some lost due to this new system.
The CPU stress is probably a lot less in this new setup.
Whereas the amount moved from Ram to GRam is much higher.
The HZ of your Ram and GRam is then important.

The depending on how they have written the Shaders( used when drawing objects)
If you use auto detection, it sets your shader model approporiate.
This would make those with Shadermodel 2 - 3, experience faster and more efficient ways to handle these textures, giving them advantages in fps.

Siege Performance
Now, as I wrote before this has most likely to do with CPU stress, and not so much about having the most awesome Graphics Card.
From before we mentioned PlayerLoad Lagg, and what could cause it.
This would be due to handling the packages sent over the net, aswel as making the necessary changes needed.

During a siege, people move closer and further away all the time, which would invoke this allot more often, however, someone made a post long time ago saying that the things you load like these players, are not removed efficiently.
Thus if they move away from you, they would stay in memory and the loadlag would not appear as severely, however, this could cause Virtual Space error.

Handling these packages are done by the CPU, another thing which is handled by the CPU that is collision.
Now as you all know, in this game people can collide with eachother.
This requires that more collision is added to the table whenever someone enters your immediate area, also depending on how it's designed.
You have to calculate collision against them aswel.

To keep it at informal level and not go into specifics, depending on how the collision system is designed, it's either hard on it all the time.
Or when people move around.

The later is to prefer if the amount of objects to test collision against is allot.
However in darkfall people move around allot during sieges.
If you also test collision against projectiles and similar effects, the amount of collision to calculate in a big scale fight is huge.

So unless you have a top of the line CPU and a shitty graphics card, there would be no noticeable changes to performance in sieges due to shinier graphics.

Now they mentioned that they upped the performance during sieges in particular.
Which could mean that the amount of collision and the package handling has been made more efficient.
Let's all hope that's true.