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08-20-2010, 18:09
So I was looking at Gamescon's list, and saw that a game called Poisonville was nominated for best upcoming game, losing to GW2 of course. Here is its description.

Here is its trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlmJ1JUbMMI&feature=search).

The graphics are a bit outdated(its browser-based mind you), but the setting and style does look interesting. Its not an arena shooter like APB apparently.

Poisonville, a fictional American city. Thousands of users play with and against each other in the huge metropolis – no holds barred.

The city is divided amongst four gangs, each of which strives to conquer new ground and protect their territory from the other three. Players must complete missions, win fights and climb the ranks from fresh-faced gang member to gang leader.

Impressive animation in a fully-3D world makes for a game of blockbuster standards. Race through the streets in a brand new set of wheels, shop for the latest streetwear, hang out with the dancers in Poisonville's top clubs - you call the shots.

On the streets, the never-ending battle between enemy gangs continues. Brains and brawn won't be enough to survive and thrive, you'll also need some friends to watch your back. Some jobs can only be completed with a partner or in a group, and cheating other players can have serious consequences.

That certainly does sound awesome, and the beta is apparently on right now. I'm going to check it out right afer this.

08-20-2010, 20:09
This game just sucks. Don't play it.

Its open PvP and I'd imagine it might be better with politics and diplomacy involved but it is shit for now.

08-20-2010, 21:04
This game just sucks. Don't play it.

Intriguing. Gonna check it out now.

edit: awful graphics
edit2: lol autoaim