View Full Version : Seriously MODERATORS

07-17-2010, 18:33
At this point, my forums account is still frozen, you wont respond to PMs, so i guess i wont be in any worse circumstance if i just go ahead and say MY FUCKING INFRACTION POINTS EXPIRED! FIXXX THE SHIT!

-Thank you, and i hope you enjoyed your stay in my no doubtedly soon to be closed thread. :ninja:

07-17-2010, 18:40
It seems like you aren't having any problems posting to me.

07-17-2010, 18:43
I would suggest you send a PM to Brannoc. Detail your problem as coherently as you can, and do so politely. If your problem is indeed a problem that stems from these boards, then he's the guy to fix it.

As a general reminder: If you have a problem with these boards, and especially it's moderators, address your issues through private messages. Also, follow the food chain. Start by addressing the moderator in question, then if he/she are inresponsive, go to the Boss by sending a PM to Brannoc.