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Troy McShall
06-14-2010, 13:07
I've got a question, how can I talk through my phantom on my ventrilo?
I need to make a binding, but I don't know what options etc, can anyone help me out ;)?

06-14-2010, 15:43
alt + f4

06-14-2010, 15:50
trow your pc out

06-14-2010, 15:54

Click Here To Respawn
06-14-2010, 15:54
Bindings > add > ptt advanced > hotkey > pick channel where u phantom is

Something like that, tho i might be wrong cause i wasnt useing vent for a while.

06-14-2010, 16:47
Phantom is simply for listening to another channel you're not actually in. You can set up a bind to talk to that specific channel, but you won't be talking "through your phantom".

And what Click Here said is correct.

Captain Kirk
06-14-2010, 19:38
alt + f4

trow your pc out

This and this

06-14-2010, 19:53
Troy get the fuck out of OT.