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Is this game worth $15 a month?

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Nope.... And yes there is a LOT of radar hax -- why do you think AV added the wildlife? They cannot do anything else about it, lol Just go read those forums and they boast how there is nothing AV can do....

Banka plixz
04-04-2010, 02:46
Is this game worth $15 a month?


04-04-2010, 04:12
Is this game worth $15 a month?

prepare yourself for a frustrating 2 month grind to become competitive in pvp.

04-04-2010, 04:39
prepare yourself for a frustrating 2 month grind to become competitive in pvp.

i´m sorry its 4 months now:lmao::lmao::lmao:

04-04-2010, 04:55
worth every penny

it may have its faults but no other game even comes close to what darkfall has.

04-04-2010, 08:31
I love this shitty threads.

Dont you know there is a trial for 1€?

Trials are ment for... you know, TRYING the game before actually buying it?

04-04-2010, 17:54
I think it is. I have yet to buy it because I need the money first. However, OP, NEVER go by the forums. All you will get is crying = to a 2 year old.

$id Viciou$
04-04-2010, 19:41
Nope.... And yes there is a LOT of radar hax -- why do you think AV added the wildlife?

I think it more likely that wildlife was added because your name is deerhunter and AV cares about you and wants to make your RP funner! :D

The radar hacks are total BS though. You used to be able to raid a city by yourself and kill someone then hide out, but it seems that there is more often than not, just one dude with radar who lets others know where you are. I have no proof of this . .. just noticed that I cannot 'sneak' around in enemy cities like I used to be able to do (esp. before NA release). It is also the stronger towers though, and that encourages more people to live in clan cities so who knows, I could be totally wrong. I just hope that if people really are using radar hacks, that it is not allowed by their clan and that their clan would report them if they found out about it. I do know that, from the year that I have been playing, I have only died twice to what seemed like someone definitely using radar, so I really do not think it is a big deal.

I think that there is a lot less people using cheat than you would think.

I have been playing for a year and have only seen someone using cheats about 5 times? 2 of those 5 were brand new players who were not able to use them to kill me, but the sticky back and the speed run seems to be a thing of the past (and it wasnt even around much ever). The other 3, I reported, and have not seen them since. If you are suspicious, AV will look into it for you and watch them closely (immediately after you GM_Report). I have probably been wrong about a couple.

On the other hand, I know that others report me often. I know that with my super shrapnel jumping skills allowing me to travel faster than a mount probably looks like hacking to someone who doesn't know that it is a part of the game mechanics and takes a lot of practice but it really can end up killing you because you nuke yourself and then get damaged every time you land (so you can go from full health to half in a couple seconds). Without being able to do this, I think that it would be really hard on the end game destroyer/invulnerability specs. It seems as it the DEVs implemented it like this purposefully, as it is the only way to catch up to some nukers.

I think that this thread is definitely worth reading for the OP:

This game is extremely fun, for any kind of players IMO. Even if you do not like PVP or PVE, no matter what you do, you can skill-up how ever you want and everything that you do raises STATS. AV has carefully measured the growth of everything so that if you spend a couple hours killing mobs, you get around the same STAT gain as crafting and harvesting for a couple hours. If you spend those hours PVPing, you do not get as much STAT gain or skill gain but do get the necessary XP needed for just understanding combat and getting your own techniques down.

I play with some who do not enjoy PVP and run when engaged. With practice, you can get away from almost anything. It is far from simply turning your back and running though, so do not ever think of doing that because giving your back to the enemy is your biggest mistake and before you ask, yes there are many ways to get away without giving your back.

This game is extremely player-skill based and gives you extreme emotional highs and lows. Yesterday, for example, I started out dying instantly in a good PVP set to one person (who I had previously chased off while in leather the day before) and then went to take on a full group of people with one other person, which I should have been able to do, but got too far away from him being too gun ho and lost another set . .. actually I had lost like 4 sets without much gain within the past week. What did I do to correct this? I put on garbage gear and dueled my bro until we were both warmed up and ready to put on better. We ended up going out and killed almost 20 people (most had good sets/weapons/regs so was a big win) in one run but it was ended when we tried to take on like 10vs2 (and 2 of the 10 had dragon armor) . .. the battle lasted like 5-15 min and was pretty epic! We lost, but overall, had a really great night and now I have several more sets! :D

Warming up and feeling like you are in control, without getting shaky, is essential.

Osh Kour
04-04-2010, 19:43
Is this game worth $15 a month?Yes